A Day of Goodwill

Goodwill like the thift store.  Don't get too excited about well-doings.  I do that too - but not today....at least not intentionally.  My sister (let's call her Sis #2) and I embarked on an adventure of epic proportions.  Our goal: 4 Goodwill stores before lunch.  After a pleasant breakfast at Bob Evans surrounded by retired folks (for whom I am quite jealous), we started our circle about town. photo

Stop 1: Wards Road

Sis #2 is a more frequent thrift shopper than I, and she thinks this one has the worst odds of good finds.  And let's be honest - isn't that the dream?  The perfect piece of hardwood furniture to refinish for mere pennies.  Or a Kate Spade purse with the tags on hidden behind the straw purses.  I'm obviously a realist about what I might come across.  What's the harm in dreaming?  But back to the adventure.  She came up empty handed, but for a whopping $1.50, I left with two items.  A de-piller!  I'm sure it has some other technical name, but I hadn't seen one of these in years.  My mom had a white and pink version when we were kids and my sister's and I fought more than once over who got to shave off the fuzz balls on all the sweaters.  We were special children.  And now I have my own!  A fuzzball remover - not a child.  Just to be clear.  I'm sure the hubs will be fighting me for it this fall.....or not.  Next up was a pair of Tarheel earrings.  After a quick sanitizing wipedown, they will be perfect come basketball season.  Only after we got in the car did I realize they were both the same foot and not a literal pair.  What did I expect for a dollar?  I'll still wear them with Tarheel pride.


On a side note - this is what I love about thrift shopping.  Memories.  Walking around, seeing games from my childhood, or a glass that my grandmother once had, or a cookie press my mom used.  Even if I walk away empty handed, there has never been a time I haven't reminisced a little bit.  And for me, that's worth the trip.

Stop 2: Timberlake

There wasn't much happening here.  That is until I discovered a byo lunchbag for 50 cents.  It wasn't the repurposing find I was hoping for, but the hubs needs a lunchbox, and this will totally do the job.  I figure I probably saved $14.50, which I then proceeded to spend (plus a teensy-ish bit more) at Target later.  So I'm even.  Or something like that.  Sis #2 found a baseball glove and a signed copy of a Left Behind series book she had been looking to re-read.  For two dollars.  Needless to say we were breaking the bank.  Amazingly enough, signed merch will become a theme this post.


Stop 3: Forest

A dud.  In the past I found a huge mirror with a trefoil type frame for $7.  It's still sitting in the garage with 1980's stickers stuck to the mirror awaiting a good coat of spray paint.  But it has been my favorite Goodwill find to date.  And I found it here.  It was a good reminder that you never know what you will (or won't) find - and to keep looking.  Once quick look through the stack of records offered up this beauty....


How exactly do you exercise to a record?  Right behind it was a Jane Fonda audio workout. Special.  My Tae-Bo videos circa 2000 are looking modern.  Good Housekeeping - you have come a long way.

Stop 4: Old Forest Road

And here we hit the mecca.  Sis found the cutest purse which she recognized from Anthropologie hidden in the back of the accessories.  I had long given up on finding my next Kate Spade by now, so she beat me to it.  A $40 regular price bag for $2.60 or so, thanks to the change someone left in it as bonus savings.  The biggest prize of the day was, for lack of a better description, a stool/box thing.  I think it was originally used as a sewing chest of some kind. But whatever it is, it was a $9.95 gold mine.  Not only did Sis end up with a vintage & unique furniture find, but also with some hidden bumper stickers in the inside pockets.  Remember the whole signature theme?  She lucked out with a mint condition bumper sticker signed by none other than Ollie North during a Senate campaign.  Can I say Ebay?


Most importantly, remember: If you must drink and drive, drink Pepsi.  Now that's a treasure.

As for me, I left with an original Fiddler on the Roof record.  Ironic to pick this up and then get "If I were a rich man" stuck in my head.  In Goodwill.  We inherited the hubs' great-grandfather record player recently, so this will happily amp up the number of Broadway tunes in the house.


My favorite find of the day I officially dubbed as the Flock of Seagulls (insert 80's music reference).


I know the birds are getting a quick coat of white paint and will likely go for a permanent landing on the wall of the hall bathroom.

Then came the Tiki Mirror.  It's about 1.5 x 2 feet and will be totally transformed with the right color paint.  It doesn't really match my decorating style, but it's growing on me.  I always lean to white paint to crisp things up for contrast, but I'm tempted to pull out a bold color on this one.  Thoughts?


All in all, it was a cheap shopping spree that was full of laughs, memories, and all around good times.  If thrifting seems like "just too much" for you, give it a shot at least once.  I always go in trying to find a hidden purpose in something that I can uncover.  You never know what discovery you will make.  Happy shopping!