Big Ben .... It's Birthday Time!

Yesterday was the love of my life's 30th birthday. And because I love him so very much, I decided to break my lifetime no-camping ban in his honor. I'll save those wonderful (and to be sure memorable) moments for a post in November. So thanks for bearing with me for making today's post short and sweet.

Visiting Big Ben was one of my favorite moments in London. After taking the tube back to the Westminster area, we hung out on the bridge over the Thames waiting for the top of the hour just to hear him chime. If only I had had cell service to call home just before he rang to make everyone jealous. Not that I would ever do such a thing....

Watching Parliament and Big Ben transition from day to night was a perfect ending to our first day in England. If only I had seen Wendy and Peter Pan fly over while we stood and watched. Now that would have been magical.