Create Your Own Adventure: DIY Camera Purse Insert

Welcome to my first guest post.  I'm pretty thankful for the support my mom has thrown behind my blogging adventure.  And what better way to show my appreciation than to give her a little of the spotlight?  In an attempt to only carry one bag on her week long trip to Canada, she went on a DIY adventure to find a way to safely carry her SLR camera and lenses in her purse.  So without further ado..... "I needed a summer handbag that was cute but durable, lightweight, waterproof, crossbody, and able to conceal my items - a laptop and/or my camera, plus all my essentials.   After searching for days I found a medium-large bag at Belk for a reasonable price.  It had a laptop holder and aa center zipper....very important.

Time was running out before my trip and I still needed a padded camera case to put in my purse.  I spent way too much time on Pinterest where there were lots of ideas for awesome purse inserts made from scratch, but who has time for that?  So in the spirit of OM, (Thanks Amanda for getting me thinking), I took an old laptop case, thread, leftover velcro strips and borrowed the velcro divider from the expensive camera bag that wasn’t making the trip.  In less than 30 minutes I had a camera case for my purse.


1) Measure the shorter ends of the bottom of your handbag.  Turn the laptop case inside out and then fold the bottom of the old laptop case like the picture below, to match the length of the short ends of bag you plan to place it in.  Sew slowly with a long stitch which is about a 10 or 8 stitches to the inch.


2) Turn the resulting triangle flaps up and pin.  Then stitch across the point to tack them in place (which gives extra padding on the ends.)   You're almost done…


 3) Go ahead and put the camera in the repurposed laptop case. Place the 'borrowed from the expensive camera bag' divider snuggly next to the camera.  Pin the soft side of the velcro strips vertically where you want the divider to be placed. They should match up to where the sticky sides are on the divider piece.  Remove the camera and divider. Sew the Velcro strips onto the laptop case. My lining had stripes so I just used that as a guide to sew straight.  Alternatively, you can tape them in place and sew,  then remove the tape.




3)  The last step is to roll down the sides of the laptop case to make extra padding and place  your new camera case purse insert into your bag. Done, easy, with plenty of room for extra lenses.  When I want the camera to be out of sight, I just roll the sides up and zip it with the double zipper that was already on the laptop case.  The old laptop case just happened to match my lining exactly. Talk about a win win. When's my next trip?"


I waited to post this project until after her trip - just in case she discovered anything she wished she had done differently.  The camera case worked just fine.  But as always, the bigger the purse, the more you carry, the more your shoulders hate you.  If that's not a life lesson - I don't know what is. Who knew that a neoprene laptop case could save the day?  Or vacation.

Happy Hump Day!