For The (New) Love of Chocolate

I was always happy to be one of a very small subset of females who lack a loved for chocolate.  No chocolate cake, frosting, or candy for me.  White chocolate bunnies at Easter were as close as I got to wanting chocolate, but then again that isn't "real" chocolate. Over the weekend, we got a chance to get to visit a local shop in Bedford - Cao Artisan Chocolates.  Before I give you the scoop, let me say I am a changed woman.  Hershey and Godiva just seem laking compared to what we tasted.  The hubs thought the dark chocolate bar I picked up to take home was for him.  False.  I happily advised him to pick out his own - no way was I sharing.  Needless to say, apparently I only like the best of the best.


Carl & Mary (the owners) make their bars and truffles by hand from the actual cacao beans.  It's ridiculous how much they know chocolate.  The business started as a hobby - wouldn't that make working more fun?  I mean, seriously.

They will let you taste the different chocolate bars they make - each named for the location the beans are from.  The kid in me loves a good taste test.  Amazingly - they taste different when you try them one after another.  My favorite was the Peruvian bar.  I swear it tasted like raspberries.  And that white chocolate bar is by far one of the best things I've ever tasted.



We tried the honey almond, peach, toasted coconut, and salted caramel.  The salted caramel was the hubs favorite of all - but he's partial to that combo.  I'm not a salt fan.  Except in grits.  But talk about off

They have truffles, bars, espresso bark and more.  My trips to the apple orchard and the Peaks of Otter shall never be the same.  This is a must stop on the drive.  It's a good thing for me (bad thing for them) that we don't live closer!  You can check out their website here!