Vintage Lynchburg & 31 Days of Etsy Wrap Up

Today I'm highlighting a real live Etsy-ish event.  I've mentioned in a few posts this month a local event here in VA called Vintage Lynchburg.  It has grown over the past few years from a handful of local creatives to over 70 vendors (you can see the list & links to their websites here).  And people - there are food trucks.  With iced coffee.  And apple cider donuts.  Fall perfection if you ask me.  Who says you can't have a taste of big city life in a small town?  I'll be there all day with main man at the Burl & Badger come hang out!

The event takes place November 8th at the Urban Arts Garage (10th & Commerce) in Downtown Lynchburg from 9am to 3pm.  I was waiting in line first thing in the morning at last spring's event and seriously there were at least 100 people waiting to get in.  You'd hate to miss out on the perfect thing right?  There's furniture, clothes, jewelry, hair bows, art - you name it...someone will be there with it. 

In general, I despise craft fairs.  There's usually a few good things surrounded by a plethora of mediocre quality booths.  Just my opinion.  But VL does it right.  They won't let too many people sell similar items & all vendors are reviewed before they are accepted.  Which should tell you it's not junk.  I spent 3 hours wandering booths last year - so bring a coffee (or get one there!) and do some Christmas shopping.  Etsy in my own backyard.  Bless my credit card's heart.

A few notes - There is an admission fee of $3 which supports The Motherhood Collective a local group of moms supporting moms.  Most vendors have "Square" devices and can take credit cards, but I always bring cash just in case!  

Ready or not, October is over!  As much as I've loved discovering some incredible Etsy stores, I'm glad to cross nightly blogging off my to-do list.  I took the #write31days challenge to get back into the routine of writing now that baby girl has arrived.  The new goal?  Write at least twice a week with a few extra tutorials and DIYs thrown in!  If you started reading thehomemadefig during this series I hope you stick around!  Thanks for reading this month and I hope it's helped someone other than me to start their Christmas shopping!


Better Life Bags - 31 Days of Etsy

Today's shop is one with a purpose.  Better Life Bags is a company that has a two part mission.  They are based in Detroit and work to provide jobs for women who otherwise wouldn't be able to provide for their families by giving them a sewing machine & training.  A big chunk of these women are immigrants, mostly from Yemen & Bangladesh.  A portion of sales from the products they sell goes to support low income entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Cool huh?  

On their website, you can design your own custom bag.  Check it out here (I's not technically Etsy).  Here's just one example....

Photo used with permission from Better Life Bags

Here's where Etsy comes in.  Better Life Bags partnered with a sewing club of women from Bangladesh in Detroit to teach them sewing skills.  The products they make are sold in the Better Life Marketplace on Etsy.  

Check out some of these cutie bags!  I found BLB because my cousin had given me pregnancy prayer cards that these ladies also make.  Seriously, it was one of the most special gifts I have ever been given.  It's become my go-to for expecting friends!  

Photo used with permission from Better Life Bags

Photo used with permission from Better Life Bags

Photo used with permission from Better Life Bags

Photo used with permission from Better Life Bags

We're beginning to wrap up the month of Etsy shops - what better way than by supporting a good cause!   Stay tuned for my #write31days wrap-up tomorrow!

League of Letters - 31 Days of Etsy

Ya'll.  I've just worked five days straight.  And I used to do that all the time.  But post-baby?  It's just not the same.  I can't put into words how much I am looking forward to sleeping until at least 7 and spending my day in yoga pants.  And it's going to be cold, which already has me mentally enjoying my morning cup of joe.  It's going to be a good day.

So all that to say, today's post is going to be super short.  My pillow is calling and I NEED to answer.  Otherwise I'll regret wasted minutes when baby girl gets me up at 3am.

I love monograms.  I used to have all kinds of things monogrammed and while looking around today's shop I realized my life is lacking these days.

League of Letters has some awesome deals for wood monograms of all sizes.  Wall hangings, ornaments, single letters, unfinished, painted - you name it.  Cute right?  I think the anchor is my fav - if baby girl had been a baby boy it would have matched our planned nautical theme perfectly.  But alas, I'll just have to love it from afar.

They have a few weeks delay in getting the product out, so if you see something you'd love to gift - get buying!

Happy Wednesday ya'll!