Join Me in 2015 - Scripture Memorization & 365DaysofTruth

I've made it a point for years to avoid making goals at the start of each new year.  They are always things I aspire to do or be, but I never seem to have to willpower to follow through or commit.  Diet - yeah right.  As soon as I see a yeast roll that one's out the window.  Exercise - but see I'm just so tired.  I'll go to the gym tomorrow.  But this year?  I'm not making a goal.  I'm just deciding what it is I want to do.  And I'm going to do it the best I can, failures and all.  Because each new day is fresh, with no mistakes in it....(thank you Miss Stacy & Anne for that reminder).

  1. I want to memorize 24 verses in the Bible this year.
  2. I want to read the Bible through cover to cover (or iPhone page to iPhone page).

As a kid I did Bible drills one year and can I just say that 20 years later I remember almost all of the verses I memorized back then.  It's a great reminder of the sponge that kids brains are and a reminder of how hard it is for me now to remember what I ate for lunch TODAY.  But I've relied on those very same verses I hid away as a 5th grader so many times, that I know I need to hide more of the Word deep into my being in just the same way I did back then.  

And Beth Moore has shown me the way.  Head over to this post on her blog to check out the details, but here's the skinny.

  • On the 1st & 15th of each month, choose a verse (or you can claim the one they will post on their blog that day).
  • Write it in your spiral index card deck.
  • Take it everywhere you go & read, read, read.
  • Post on her blog your verse on the 1st/15th and see the THOUSANDS of other women doing the same.  Talk about encouragement.

My heart of hearts hopes this touches someone else and we can have some real life (or real internet) encouraging & accountability.  Comment below if you want to take a stab at this whole memorization thing & I'll open a Facebook group for us all to encourage one another and see what we are learning over the year as we hide away His word.  To be honest, I might only learn 20 verses.  Or maybe only ten.  But one verse is better than zero.  Amen & amen.  One thing I know is that seeing friendly faces doing the same will encourage me along.  So selfishly, make this your resolution this year if you don't have one!  It will help push me along.

As for goal 2 of reading the whole Bible, I'll be using the SheReadsTruth App on my phone.  Both the app & this reading plan (365 Days of Truth) are free to download.  You literally swipe through each of the days readings.  Seriously this app is so easy to use, which is why I know I CAN DO THIS.  Whether I read on my lunch break, before bed, whenever.  I just know I kill time every day randomly playing on my phone, but what better way to use my "downtime".  Download the app & in two days, let's start reading.

I'm praying you have a marvelous kick off to 2015, however you celebrate it (I'll be sleeping the new year in).  Here's to choosing to make little changes that can completely change the course & attitude of my life (and maybe yours too!).