Searching For Sunshine In The Rain....A Few Favorites

Somehow the days turned to weeks and then months.  I backed away from my writing home because my mind and heart knew it couldn't be a priority in the moment, and before I knew it four months had passed.  So much has been going on personally the last few months that I mentally just couldn't put pen to figurative paper.

And so I stopped writing.

Maybe I should have kept going for my own sanity.  But for now at least the fog has started to clear and I'm ready to get back at it in my corner of the internet. 

And what better way than to share a few of my favorite things that have brought sparks of laughter and joy through some overly cloudy months?

*As always I'll include links to make it easy to find my favorites - some may be affiliate links that support the blog, at no extra cost to you*

TopShop Clear Panel Mom Jeans 

These reviews (which Nordstrom has since taken off their website) are side-splitting. I guess the designer must have been tired of showing off the same old skin on the runway, so why not be an exhibitionist of knees?  This is seriously a must read - just set your drink down first!  I thought for sure these were a joke, but nope! You can find them on Nordstrom's clearly someone is buying them!  Except think they are probably model fashionistas.  That aren't moms.  And what a bargain at only $95 - a steal!


Somehow I missed the first season of Poldark when it hit the US scene on PBS a few years ago.  It has been on my list of shows to watch one day, since I've never met a BBC production I didn't like.  But I could never find it streaming -  such a first world crisis.  So my solution?  Buy both of the seasons as a Valentine's gift for my better half (as built in at-home TV watching date nights)......which may have been just a tad for myself (I'm selfish..what can I say)?  But in all seriousness, it's a much more manly than the Bronte or Austen adaptations I usually lean towards.

AND WE GOT HOOKED.  We watched both seasons in two weeks - I haven't stayed up so late since I was in college, but it was just so addicting.  I've made it my personal mission to recommend this to everyone because it is the best TV I may have ever in it has bypassed my true movie love, the 1995 BBC Pride & Prejudice......and that's saying something!  I've been stalking for when PBS will air season 3, but alas we keep waiting for more Ross & Demelza.  My Dad even bought the first book in the series of novels that was the basis for the show, so you know I'll be borrowing that ASAP!

*Head's up - Aidan Turner is in the running to be the next James Bond against Tom Huddleston.  Fingers crossed Huddleston gets it or the Poldark legacy may end after Season 3!!

SheReadsTruth Bible

SheReadsTruth (SRT) had been hinting on Instragram over the last few months about having developed a Bible. I preordered it last week & it came today from Amazon....I've not been so excited to check the mail in years.  It is so beautiful!  The illustrations are so well done, but more importantly they chose a quality translation (the new CSB) which is meant to be a readable text that is translated from the original languages (not a translation of a translation).  You can check out their website for a few videos to show you more about the inside of the Bible & the translation itself. Or you can see a bunch of close ups I took on my Instagram feed today (@thehomemadefig).

How beautiful is the embossing on the gold embossing?!?

How beautiful is the embossing on the gold embossing?!?

I ordered the SRT Poppy Linen Bible, but there are multiple other cover options (apparently the leather they chose feels like the best of leather handbags!).  Plus there is the option to get an indexed version (the finger indentions that help you find each book of the Bible).  

Sure I love my Ryrie Study Bible handed down from my mom, but I'm excited to start using this one too in my Bible Study as a different translation for comparison.

I promise a more beautiful Bible has never been made.  The beauty only accentuates the perfection that is God's word. 

I promise a more beautiful Bible has never been made.  The beauty only accentuates the perfection that is God's word. 

Cascara Latte's

Most of the new drinks these days at Starbucks are just too sweet for my black coffee taste.  But the "mascara latte" as we call it around these parts has become my go to on our Sunday morning pre-church coffee stops.  Except I need an extra espresso shot - mandatory to mellow the sugar for my tastebuds.  I know this has gotten mixed reviews overall but I'm hoping it sticks around.

Red Sea Road by Ellie Holcomb

I've been in a podcast listening routine lately but was getting tired of princess music during all my car rides with my little one.  I'd heard good things about Ellie's new album, and those reviews were spot on.  Such a great album - my favorite track by far is 'Find You Here'.

I'm not gonna lie - I first heard of Ellie a few years ago when she performed with her husband (Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors) when he opened up for NeedToBreathe in Charlottesville.  And I thought she was straight up crazy.  Thinking back it was probably just her being super passionate about her music & that she was just ALL. IN.  {I'm talking running around and slinging her hair around more than at a Rolling Stones concert}.  So it took me a while to build up enough nerve to take a listen & get past my preconceived ideas of her music, but I'm so glad I did!  


Looking back, I'm not sure at what point I started watching COPS with my dad.  Probably too young.  But I loved doing things with my Dad and I've been known to be a bit headstrong.  While vacationing with my parents recently, he turned on LivePD, and I should probably be ashamed to say I'm hooked.  Basically it's COPS, but aired live every Friday & Saturday night on A&E.


Last week viewers noticed someone throwing drugs out of the driver's window, so the officer was able to go back to the exact spot, find the drugs, & charge the guy.  THANKS TO TWITTER.  Boom.  Take that social media. Proof you really can be used for good. 

Guys.  Tell me all the things.  What are you reading? Watching? Eating? Listening to? Bring on what's bringing sunshine on your tough days - I need all the sunshine I can get!

What I'm Loving: May Edition

I constantly find myself thinking about things I want to share with my friends (cough-cough, YOU), but sometimes my newest discovery just isn't groundbreaking enough to sit down & write a dissertation about my favorite grocery store find.  So I've decided to start something new around these parts - a 'What I'm Loving' monthly series.  I get to tell you about some things I am falling for just like I would if we were sitting down at Starbucks over a once-again-removed-from-their-menu Honey Latte.   

I'm starting a big Disney series at the beginning of June, I decided to post my May wrap-up a tad early.  Grab a latte & let's get this thing started!

Books: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom (affiliate link)

I probably should start by saying I love to read for fun, but grad school pretty much squashed any spare time for reading & somehow 9 years later I'm just now picking it back up again.  My weakness is for historical fiction & this one hits the nail on the head.  I'm 75% done with this book & it's been a great one to get me back into reading for fun.  It's set in the early 1800s on a farm in Virginia, chronicling the lives & events surrounding a family & their slaves.  The chapters alternate between the voices & perspectives of one slave and a young Irish girl who is an indentured servant.  It's an easy read & I've already got the sequel waiting on my nightstand, 'Glory Over Everything'. 

Podcasts: What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel

This podcast is 100% what got me back into reading.  A few bloggers & podcast hosts I regularly follow have been guests on the show, so I listened and now have a list of books I'm ready to read that will take me into 2020.  Anne runs a blog called Modern Mrs. Darcy, which is devoted to all things literary.  She's basically a book whisperer.   The format is the same every week: guests share three books they love, one they hated, and what they are reading now.  She then gives them 3 book recommendations specific to their tastes.  Anne - if you're reading this, I must have deleted the email where you asked me to come on the show.  Because SIGN ME UP!

Food & Drink: San Pellegrino Blood Orange

I hate carbonated water.  My first trip to NYC years ago was back in 2007 with my best friend.  In what I am sure was an effort to feel refined and fit in with the elite of Manhattan, I grabbed a San Pellegrino during a post-Broadway run through Duane Reade for late night snacks to take back to our room.  What the upper class missed out on was me spitting that nasty salty water across the hotel room only a few short moments later.  Seriously - how does anyone drink that?  Enter my last trip to NYC with my main squeeze earlier this year.  We had lunch at Eataly (ahhhhmazing) & he ordered the Blood Orange version of my water nemesis, much to my chagrin.  And then I tasted it.  All I can say is my fridge has yet to be empty of this delight since the day we got hom.  I have a legit addiction to Diet Coke & hate water, so anything (even though it does have a few calories) that reduces my DC intake is clearly a good thing.  I've tried some other flavors & in general I like them all (except Prickly Pear - gah!).  Kroger runs deals every few weeks, so they become an affordable treat & make me feel a bit refined in my yoga pants while I'm watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Movies:  Brooklyn (affiliate link)

So. Good.  I feel like there haven't been any high quality gal movies in a while (think While You Were Sleeping or You've Got Mail).  You know, something in between the dudeness of Marvel movies & the sappiness of Nicholas Sparks.  I couldn't wait for it to hit RedBox so I ordered it from Amazon & I'm glad I did.  Quick synopsis:  young Irish gal moves to Brooklyn on her own to start a new life in America.  And some stuff happens.  Just see it for yourself - you won't be disappointed!

Hair: Aveda Dry Shampoo

I've tried a few different options out there but this one takes the cake.  The smell is one step short of divine & its purely a powder - no aerosol!  I try to wash my hair no more than every 2 days to help keep my color vibrant for as long as possible between visits to the salon, and this let me get away with 3 days over the weekend!  

Hopefully you get a chance to test out one of my new favorites sometime this month - let me know what you think!  I've paid out of pocket for all of the above this month (well, the podcast is free), so know I'm only sharing what I'm really using & addicted to.  Seriously - this was such a fun post to write - I can't wait to see what comes through in June!  What are you loving this May?

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