To Chevright or Chevwrong .... A DIY Chevron Platter

One day I’ll look back at this and wonder what I was thinking.  Really?  This was my first blog post?  I could have done so much better.  But then again, everything has to start somewhere, so why not here?  Nothing like leaving room for improvement – ‘The Jeffersons” and I can move up together. the homemade fig is my memory keeper for DIY, food, fun, and funny things that happened to me on the way to the forum.  Or Target.  Or just during the day to day.  So why not start with a recent project….

This past Christmas I decided I was going to solve two problems.  The need for gifts to give + my need for a reason to create.  Of course I didn’t think about T-I-M-E.  There’s always plenty of that to be had…..or so I always think.

On the ultimate time waster (aka Pinterest), I found this cute gold chevron-like patterned platter.  And everyone was pinning it.  But I could never find a DIY, just an out of stock, overpriced beautiful piece of pottery.  Or is is wood? Or porcelain? Who cares ...... there wasn't a tutorial.


So then came the challenge.  How to make my own version look just as fancy (insert Reba music) AND expensive.

I originally planned to try it out first on something from the dollar store, but couldn’t find a platter I liked, so off I went to Target.  The plate I chose was $5 or $6 – part of the new ‘Threshold’ brand.

Then came the big choice: gold paint or gold leaf?  I planned to give this to my sister and I wanted her to be able to use it.  I was afraid how the gold leaf would hold up over time so it lost out on this project.  I’ve never used it, so it might work great, but no promises from me.  The texture would likely be a little different than the product I chose.

For time reasons, I chose the Martha Stewart gold leaf paint.  That way I could <hopefully> check this project off the list faster.

What you need:

Martha Stewart bronze paint (I actually think the bronze is closer to the original – but you can certainly use the gold) A small brush of your choice Painter’s tape Razor blade Porcelain dish – any size or shape would work

photo I decided to use the tape as the width of my chevron-like pattern purely to make it easier.  If I was using a smaller plate, the proportions would be off and trimming the tape width might have been necessary.  But I go for easy, and that does not sound easy.  I’ll just spend $2 more on a bigger plate.   This part actually took the longest.  Rearranging the tape to get the exact pattern I wanted (aka PERFECTION) took a while. But of course I did this sitting in my comfy chair watching something wonderful like Duck Dynasty (seriously!), so the time just flew by.

Reminder: the plate will be white where the tape is.  It’s a no brainer that I totally overlooked, making my final product turn out a bit off from what I intended, but alas, it is what it is.

Now comes the painting.  Make sure the edges of the tape are down securely so it doesn’t ooze underneath.  You can easily fix this afterwards, but the less to fix, the closer to perfection.  I did two coats of paint, waiting in between a few hours to allow it to dry completely to decrease the brush marks.  You can still see some once its complete, but I painted in different directions each time to make it look more like dimension, and less like brush strokes.


I let it the final coat sit overnight before removing the tape.  Enter the razor blade.  Carefully (of course) scrape off any areas that leaked through the tape.

If you want to use this purely for decoration you can stop here.  However, I wanted my sis to be able to use it for food too.  So back to Michael’s I went.  Martha (dependable as ever) has a product called ‘High Gloss Finish’ that acts as a sealant and protectant.  The paint is raised from the plate, so I would recommend doing this step even if you don’t plan to use it for anything but decoration, as it will chip over time.  Two coats of this puppy and you are done.

And there you have it.  My trial run ended up looking so good that I gifted it.  You could do this with most any pattern and color, on all types of plates or platters.


Take pity on my lack of photography skills and pretend that my sister looked happy - because she was.  Promise.IMG_0340

Take that Pinterest.