Christmas Caroling -Emoji Style

A few years ago, a member of mi familia randomly sent a text that unknowingly would start a tradition.  One that every family should embrace.  Well, at least ones old enough to have phones.  But don't let me be the reason you break your family technology bylaws.  

Christmas carol lyrics.  With as many emojis as you can possibly throw in.  Sometimes you have to stretch a bit to find something, but those usually are the best ones.  Grace is always granted - that's part of the rules. 

Its fun.  It's sure to get a few laughs.  So even if you aren't able to be "home" for Christmas, you can celebrate this with friends and family near or far.   

So set a time.  Tell your peeps to start preparing their songs. Then go ahead and 🚀 around the 🎄.  Get it? 

Merry Christmas! 

Emoji Christmas Carols one

See....even the smallest member of the family can take part!  Baby girl gave us her favorite song (aka cry):

Emoji Christmas Carols 2