Cranberry Butterscotch Soft-Baked Cookies

I love to bake and I can follow directions but I DO NOT GO OFF COURSE.  There's no experimenting in my kitchen.  My brain just doesn't think that way.....until this past Thanksgiving.  I love cookies but rarely make them because I end up eating way to many.  Self-control wasn't passed down in my genes.  So Thanksgiving was going to be my pass to bake a batch - a room full of people I could force to save me from myself & all those calories.  

I found some cranberries on the baking aisle, figured they were festive enough and I started looking for a recipe.  Everything Pinterest brought my way looked yummy.  Cranberry white chocolate seemed to be a fan favorite.  But I had no chocolate. Sigh.  But I did have butterscotch chips.....and the desire to "create my own" welled up so high it was a shock to me too.  Since the family wasn't expecting cookies I figured if they flopped no harm, no foul.  But excuse me.  THEY. ARE. DELICIOUS.  I almost kept them all at home.  Doubts are high that I'll be this adventurous & successful again, but fingers crossed!  

*Disclaimer: I don't love cranberries.  I don't even really like them - they are too bitter.  But the butterscotch is a perfect pairing - sweetened up the cookie without overpowering the cranberries.  If you aren't a cranberry fan, I would only use 3/4 cup cranberries in your batch*

cranberry butterscotch cookie

This recipe was adapted from Sally's Baking Addiction