Enough With the Notifications

I get it.  Instagram is changing and I don't like it either. But Lord help me if one more well-meaning soul posts a picture asking me to get notifications so I don't miss a single post.  

Time out friends.

Is it really that critical to our well-being that I not miss the latest flower picture you post? Your best travel pics? Or a snapshot of your kids? Don't worry - I probably love your kids.  Probably.

One thing I don't need is my phone dinging & vibrating all the live long day telling me about the things I normally glance at and scroll past twice a day.  Except now you want me to have the urge to pick up my phone 30 gazillion times a day.  

I already spend too much time on my phone.  I'm trying to be better about it, but this method of "keeping up with the Joneses" is no way to live. I don't want my little one to learn to be reliant on a phone/tablet/computer/whatever gadget comes next to be what fills her time.  Or tells her her worth.  I need to be a better example.

I struggle enough with trying to stave away thoughts of comparison via social media, especially Instragram.  I certainly don't want to give that any more ground or pass that along to the generation I'm privileged enough to raise.

Friends, just like they taught us in D.A.R.E. - just say no.  Sure, you may miss a heads up on a great online sale, or miss a friends post.  But here's a thought, maybe we should meet up with that friend. Have coffee.  Let the kids play.  I'm pretty sure we would leave knowing each other better than just by looking at the picture we would have missed. 

So don't be offended friends when I don't get notifications.  I'll still be checking Instragram like before, and liking and commenting like the days of old.  But I won't apologize for not being up on every detail of every friend, business, and charity I follow.

There's more to life than social media.  I aim to live it.