Everything That Glitters Is Gold

Ok that's a lie.  Rainbow glitter?  Totally not gold.  But today's DIY post is really about my current obsession with gold - forget the glitter.  The problem is my laundry room is overflowing.  Amazingly enough, not with laundry.  With vases.  Skinny, fat, short, tall, round, and square - I swear I must have multiples of every kind.  Not that I'm complaining - I have a sweet man in my life who showers me with flowers on special occasions.    My inner hoarder can't seem to get rid of these clear vases, even though they are threatening a mutiny to take over the living room.  I've always figured I'd save a few and could repurpose the others.  Except I've never really come up with a way to reuse them.....until now. IMG_3212

Time for a make it, take it craft day!  My sister and I spent an afternoon transforming two of the bunch - all with materials I already had on hand.

What You Need: Glass Vase (any shape of size) Painter's Tape Paint (Martha Stewart Gold) Martha Stewart High Gloss Finish Brushes Exacto Knife

I chose a tall square vase and planned to do vertical stripes.  Except that was too boring for me - go big or go home.  After playing around with patterns using the painter's tape, I settled on a swirl pattern by placing the tape on a diagonal wrapped down the vase.  I used a small piece of tape in between each tape swirl to ensure that the stripes were even.




As obvious as it may seem - remember that what's covered by the tape will end up being transparent, not your color of choice.  My sister thought about doing horizontal stripes and placed tape around the top rim (it would remain clear), which wasn't her intention. Just take a second look at it before you paint - it's easier than kicking yourself later! You'll notice that it drips quite a bit, making this project a bit messier than the gold plate tutorial that you can find here.  Consider this your warning.  Crafting might just be the death of my dining room table.....


Despite my best efforts to rub the edges of tape down well, I apparently struggled at the top of the vase.  I'll blame that on the fact the vase had an uneven lip.  Surely it has nothing to do with me rushing.  I did two coats of paint, allowing for drying time in between.  I considered a third coat, but frankly, I was just ready to be done with the whole thing.  So ignore the thin paint areas - I'm just hoping no one is looking that closely.  I considered adding a nice coat of black paint to the inside.  And I still might later.  But for now I'll stick with the gold stripes.  Once you peel of your tape, clean up your lines with your Exacto knife.  You could certainly leave this as your final project, but I like to put a clear coat layer on to prevent the paint from chipping and to make it dishwasher safe.  Because hand-washing is lame.  True that.  I do two coats of clear finish with two hours of dry time between them.


My sister chose vertical stripes and has a great new decorative piece for her bookshelf.  I was going to add a little sparkle to my sewing table and use my vase to hold my most used supplies.  With a little coffee beans to provide support and mostly aerosolized caffeine.  Except my scissors are too top heavy.  But I may still go this route sans scissors.  For now it's on the mantle waiting to be useful.  What should I do with it? Otherwise it's just prettier than it was in the laundry room, but still taking up space.  Help a girl brainstorm!


Paint glass vases

Sometimes the easiest way to spruce up the house and add a little extra bedazzle is as simple as giving something old a new exciting life.  Now if I only had time to paint and display all this guy's relatives.  But too much of a good thing.......