Family Tree 201

If you follow me on social media, you've probably noticed a theme of me mentioning a book called "The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You".  But it's because it has really shifted my perspective.  The book releases next week and I'll share some of the little changes I've made in my day-to-day that have allowed moments for ME.  Which makes me a better wife, mom, friend, and the list goes on.  But today I'm linking up with TheMomCreative (aka Jessica Turner) today on her first #FringeFriday to highlight things we've done during the week in our "me time".

familytree fringehours

I randomly came across  Genealogy Roadshow on PBS a few weeks ago, where they help folks discover family mysteries and grow their family tree when they hit roadblocks in their research.   It immediately reignited the fire for digging into mine, a project I started in 8th grade.  As you can imagine the info I already had typed up is in DOS and you can still see the perforations on the side of the paper from tearing off the holes from the printer.  If you were born after 1990, just ignore that part.  It's ancient history.  

So this past week I gathered what info my mom had saved from my grandparents, and away I've gone.  I'm nowhere near done in my search, but thanks to the internet (amazingly, you can find things so much easier than in the early nineties) I've added a few branches and started looking into Andy's family line too.  

So many mysteries I still want to solve: 

  • My great-great grandmother's last name was do I have Jewish heritage?
  • Did either side directly in my line fight in the Revolution (I think I almost have that one down...DAR here I come!)
  • Andy's line in PA has some German heritage and I want to find out their immigration info
  • Andy's line also has an adoption in a key branch, and I've got my fingers crossed we will be able to find something.

I'm trying to find as much as I can for FREE before I try any subscriptions sites, but I'd love any tips if you've already filled in your family tree!  Take a few minutes for you this weekend - you won't regret it!