For The Love of Diet Coke

Today's post may seem a little off topic - but stick with me for a minute.  Hi - my name is Amanda.  And I have a Diet Coke problem.  Going into this trip I had been warned - don't even so much as think about getting a refill while in Europe.  So I tried to mentally prepare myself to begin my much needed caffeine detox during our trip. Oh but Coke sucked me in with their marketing (and got me spending more money on soda that I planned).  Over the summer they ran a promotion in the UK where they took the 'Diet Coke' name off of their bottles and instead put the top 250 British names in its place.  All under the guise of sharing a Coke with friends.

Can I just tell you how many cooler cases I searched through for perfect souvenirs to take home to family?  Amazingly enough, we only came across one family members name.  Lucky her.

But know what we did find tons of?


Liam.  Siobhan.  Miriam.  Richard.  Sami.  Georgina.  Whoa Dorothy - we aren't in Kansas anymore.

Seriously though - how fun right?  I know the promotion won't last forever, and will probably be long gone before you travel.  But let this be an reminder that the UK (& London too) isn't the US.  You will hear names way off-your beaten path.  You get no refills.  You are considered a Yankee even if you protest & remain adamant about your Southern roots.

And just maybe in your travels you'll come across some crazy unpredicted things to take home to your family.  But if nothing else, I hope after reading this most random of posts that no matter when you might travel, go with your eyes open for unexpected moments that may just end up being some of your most memorable.

****Attention Diet Coke lovers: It tastes different there.  Not so much I wouldn't drink it.  Just be forewarned.  And in France it's called Coke Light.  And that's even more different.  Enough so that there I switched over to Orangina (aka Sprite + orange juice pulp = amazing).  Let this be your warning.****