Snow, Boots, Birthdays & The Giveaway Winner Is....

And the giveaway winner is.......

Comment #5!  Lauren Calfas a copy of "The Fringe Hours" is headed your way!

After a busy few days the chance of getting out a post with any purpose was as likely as running into Oscar the Grouch being happy, so the best I can come up with tonight is a hodgepodge of what I've been up to lately.  Oh, and I need advice, so help a girl out!

  • I think I've almost convinced myself that baby girl's 1st birthday party will be 'It's A Small World" themed.  You know - because she's small and we love Disney.  That's a good enough reason right?  Technically I've got 4 months to pull this one together, but I need plenty of time to mull on it to let my DIY ideas percolate.  Thoughts?  Ideas?  I'll take all the inspiration I can get!
  • It's supposed to snow again here in not-so-sunny Virginia tomorrow night.  Let me tell you what I'm tired of: listening to faucets drip at all hours of the day.  After one round of no cold water this week & the fear of frozen pipes what else can we do?  But I mean for real, if the temperature doesn't get above 30 degrees for more than 24 hours I'm going to need to start looking to move to the rainforest.  And don't let me forget about wet feet.  I hate wet feet.  And wet pant bottoms.
  • Which leads me to those duck boots from LLBean.  Do I dare order a pair?  Yeah I know they'll be backordered since they are so premium and all.  It seems they are back in fashion (though I do think they are a bit ugly) and frankly I'm desperate for a solution.  And since there aren't half-sizes, how would you order - size up or down?  Plus we are headed to Alaska for vacation later this year & they could be handy then.  If they are comfortable and not just practical.  So clue in this fashion-not-forward gal.  
  • I ordered my first ring-sling for baby-girl to prep for some travels we have coming in the next few months thinking it would be a good break from stroller time.  But this 20 pound 7 month old likes to look at EVERYTHING.  She tries to push off me to spin around & fling backwards so I'm nervous about it.  Any tips from seasoned baby carriers?  It may not work out, but I so want her to love being carried on my hip!
  • Last up for today, all my fellow bloggers, writers, or wannabes, mark your calendars.....Allume tickets go on sale this Sunday morning at 8am!  The first 50 tickets are Early Birds & are $50 off.  This is an amazing conference in Greenville, SC that is more than just a place to learn the ins & outs of the writing world, but will refresh your soul too.  I can't wait to return this year!  Check out their website here for more info!