When Fake Beards Just Won't Do - Santa Edition

Yesterday, after a long & stressful few days at work, I was driving home on the same route in mindless traffic as always. I called my husband like always, and in one of my less that stellar marital moments - I intentionally hung up on him.  Here's why.


Odds are you are thinking either I'm incredibly rude to risk an argument over this or you want to yell at me through the computer about taking pictures while driving.  I hear your frustrations.  But people.  I was behind a Santa.  And not any Santa.  One in the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS)

When Alex Trebek decides to toss in a Santa themed category, I will win, hands down.  Because who else sees that bumper sticker & immediately knows what it means.  Granted he had some other hints on his truck (sleigh), but still.  

Years ago I listened to the This American Life podcast episode 371 called 'Scenes from a Mall'.  One of the stories (Act 3) is all about fighting Santas - as in fist fighting Santas.  I just can't even put into words how mind-blowing & hilarious it was to hear.  My mind is full of pictures of Santa's with jolly bellies pushing each other around while tossing verbal assaults bad & forth.  All over who is in charge of the Santa's.  Because - hello...IMPORTANT!  To be fair, the Santa I drove behind yesterday is part of a different group so I'm sure he's of the happiest, non-fightng sort.  The podcast featured the Amalgamated Order of the Real Beaded Santas (AORBS), so totally different.  And yes I typically reference AORBS off and on throughout the year, I mean wouldn't you?  

Anyways, thank you to my local mystery Santa who MADE MY YEAR by being in the right place at the right time yesterday.  Thank you for making me want to head straight to the google to research any possible connection of IBRBS to AORBS. Thank you IBRBS for posting your newsletters on your website where I could see pictures of the last Santa convention, and sadly, a list of Santas, Mrs Clauses, and elves who had their "last sleigh ride".  No, I am not making any of this up.  I will not admit how many HOURS I spent in my investigative digging last night.  

So just when you though you knew all about your local mall Santa, go listen to the podcast and trust me, your life will never be the same.  For the better.  And thanks to the worlds' most awesome husband for understanding what a big deal this was & knowing I was totally justified in hanging up on him.   

Now, turn on some Christmas carols, pull out those decorations, and take a few minutes to learn about all our Santa friends.  Perspective is everything.