Lies, Parenthood, and Good Days

Well I bit off more than I could chew.  I can't wait to share two of my biggest projects that decorate the walls in my home.  But today isn't that day.  Working all weekend plus a family birthday dinner plus a concert at church equals too little time to get all the pictures and instructions together to make a quality post.  But they are coming.  Soon. So Parenthood.  Do you love the show?  Cause it starts again in just a few weeks and I can't hardly wait.  But my favorite part isn't the plot.  It's the family dinners.  My family is close and we tend to gather for meals multiple times a month.  But not like the Braverman's.  We usually end up at a local Mexican or pizza joint.  But the Braverman's have this table under the stars - it's just beautiful.  The hubs, because he knows me so well, decided to throw a Parenthood-esque low country boil for as an early birthday dinner. And. It. Was. Perfect.  Except for the flies.  They were out of control.  Apparently they favor corn on the cob.  Let this be a warning for your next summer picnic.  I swear I haven't seen a fly all summer but boy did they show up to help celebrate.  But I digress.



I've been itching to have a low country boil for years.  If that sounds foreign to you it's a complicated dinner of shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes boiled in Old Bay seasoning.  Sounds like a cooking challenge right?  Or not.....  My non-shrimp eating hubs de-vained each and every shrimp while I was away at work.  Bless his heart.  Now that's love.  And don't let me forget he made boiled peanuts.  And he hates them.  And they were wonderfully Southern.  Dinner was wonderful, but the time I got to share with those I love (& that amazingly love me) was by far the best part.




I broke out the hubs' SLR camera for the celebration.... and it's obvious I need to learn how to use it.  Bear with my bad lighting and blurry pictures!  And for the icing on the cake (with was carrot cake) ......... I am now the proud owner of a dress form!  Let the Pinterest board for all things related to making clothes commence!


I'll work on finalizing some big DIY posts for the next few weeks.'s going to be a high of 73 at the end of this week.   I might get distracted and post on pumpkin.  Or Tv.  Or who knows.  Bring on fall...sweaters...pumpkins....apples!

On a totally unrealted note, Twitter has informed me there is now a MLA standard format for citing 'tweets' in academic papers.  What is this world coming to?  I have no words.   Except for all the ones I've already said.  Just wanted someone else to mourn with me on the ill's of the social media age.  You can follow me @thehomemadefig - just don't cite me.

Yay for birthday week!