Monday Morning Musings

It's official, I can no longer write posts after 9pm.  Because every morning I wake up and think of things I wish I had said.  Or tips you wish I had told you.  So today I'll throw in a smattering of random leftover thoughts and a few bonus additions from the weekend. 1) Did you see last week how to consolidate your movie collection here? I've thought of a few more pearls of wisdom:

  • I'm still planning to make cute chalkboard tags to hang from the handle of each basket so that I can know what is in each bin.
  • I didn't use this method for boxed sets, TV series, or Disney Movies.  It would take too many of the smaller inner sleeves to keep them all together.  And frankly that would cost WAY to much.  I did buy a bigger basket to keep all of those together.  Unfortunately, that it's still looking for a home.
  • No matter how big or small your collection, the only thing that changes is the number of baskets.  Sis #2 needed four baskets to contain her husbands collection.  But in a bookshelf, they blend in beautifully.  Anything is better than movie racks.

2) I never followed up on our Trader Joe's visit.   I came home with lots of awesome things to try, but there is a hands down favorite purchase...... Coconut Chips.  De-lish.  They are tiny, crunchy coconut shavings with just a hint of salt to cut the sweet.  Though I am partial to eating them straight out of the bag, I bet they would be divine as an ice cream topping.  I need to buy stock in this.  There are 2 servings in the pack, and its only 160 calories/serving!  I'll take that over two oreo cookies any day.


3) A few years ago in the prime of my Austenophilia (definition: obsessive activities surrounding all things Jane Austen), I read a book entited 'Austenland' by Shannon Hale.  A movie version showed at a film festival earlier this year and Sony bought the rights.  Best part?  It's being released for my birthday!  Which I'm sure was totally part of their original plan.  August 16th.  I'll be there.  Not that I ever dreamed of spending a week in regency clothes in a British castle meeting people at the assembly rooms.  That would be crazy.  Plus it has Keri Russell and Jane Seymour.  And what says Pride & Prejudice like a Dr. Quinn + Felicity combo?  I'm sure the ratings will stink - all because men who work at the Chicago Times just don't understand the love of all things Jane. (Sidenote: has there been a lag in the number of romantic comedies in the past few years?  I need something to equal out all these superhero movies).


4)  thehomemadefig has it's own Pinterest page!  Find me, follow me, and show me what you want to learn how to do.  I'm always looking for project ideas and help me grow the blogs boards!  Find us here!