The City That Never Sleeps Part Deux

If you've started planning a trip to NYC since reading the last post, my apologies for causing travel envy.  Maybe that only happens to me though.  You tell me about your trip to the mountains?  I want to go.  To DC?  I starting planning a trip.  The moon?  Well let's don't get carried away. Back to the highlights of the trip....

4) The girls in my family have a problem.  We quote movies.  A lot.  But only certain ones.  The greatest being 'You've Got Mail'.  And I won't apologize for it.  Even if it came out almost 20 years ago <insert crying>.  Our men can't help but recognize the best one-liners since we say them so much.

  • If it's not personal, what is it?
  • Don't you just love New York in the fall?  I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if I knew your address
  • Thank your (no, that's not a typo)
  • The violins sing...... (I'll save you from my singing)

I could keep going.  Just know that there is an opportunity to toss in a great movie line in most any conversation.  The point of my diatribe is that I decided to partake of b-day lunch at Cafe Lalo on 83rd street, since it was only a few blocks from the museum (see NYC part 1).

Cafe Lalo You've Got Mail

If I wasn't pretending to be a cool and collected West-sider as I walked up, I'm sure my little heart would have squeaked out a little scream.  But I totally did on the inside.  Picture Tom Hanks on the stairs - deciding whether or not to go in and meet Shopgirl.  Really.  If standing there on that beautiful fall day wouldn't make you giddy, then you need to get your blood pressure checked.  Just saying.

Cafe Lalo

If only I had thought to read some Pride & Prejudice while I sat there alone channeling my inner Meg Ryan.  But hindsight is 20-20 right?  On a serious note, the cafe looks just like the movie, except the big tables are in the middle of the room, unlike the two-person tables in the movie.  Unbelievable right?  How on earth could they move the tables and chairs in two decades?  The nerve of some people.

Lunch @ Cafe Lalo

It's actually a charming French cafe.  All the windows were open since it was in the low 70's that afternoon.  I had a grilled mushroom & cheddar croissant with roasted potatoes that was simple but tasty.  There were more exciting food choices but as a member of picky eaters anonymous, this was right up my alley.  And don't let me forget the fresh made lemonade by the glass.  That $4 birthday lemonade was worth it just because it was beautiful.  Sundae glass?  Check.  Tall spoon? Check. Mint sprig? Check.  Best lemonade ever.  Done & done.  Braving my second restaurant meal alone was worth it for the food and being able to say I've been there, done that.  Which I'm sure I'll do

5) While we're on the subject of food, I experienced a taste of fig heaven at birthday dinner.  Andy made us reservations at Orso on 46th Street.  Did you know I love figs?  It's bordering on obsession.


Seriously though, this pizza was amazing.  Figs, prosciutto, walnuts, and goat cheese.  We had them leave off the arugula, because well, gross.  One day I'll tell you my phobia of all things leafy & green.  I need my dad's figs to hurry and ripen so I can attempt my own version ASAP.


Orso has a different menu each day based on what fresh ingredients they have (this is no small town eatery....obviously). I had ricotta gnocchi with pesto and asparagus.  And bless my heart I couldn't find the asparagus.  After they steamed it they sliced it thin.... longways.  Now I've been there, eaten that.

6) When I was a kid we watched two muscials taped from TV on a regular basis: Mary Matlin's version of Peter Pan and Roger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella with Lesley Ann Warren.  The later came out on Broadway this year so go we must!  I can never get enough of singing and dancing and this didn't disappoint.

photo Since I chose not to test the waters of the $1500 fine for taking pictures in the theater, you'll have to console yourself with this stellar iPhone shot.  How they pulled off some of the on-stage costume changes I'll never know.  Impossible.....for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.  Or to change from rags and ponytails to ball gowns and tiaras in seconds.  But..... impossible things are happening every day. (Sing along if you can!)  It's definitely worth watching, especially if you've seen all the other big shows.


On a random side note, Times Square was just to the right of the theater.  So here's the token tourist picture.  Thankfully we stayed far enough away not to be surrounded by men in knock-off character costumes and bus tour peddlers.  But the best discovery? The billboard in this pic for POM Hula.  Pomegranate and pineapple juice.  Which sounds utterly delightful.  The problem?  I've made two grocery store visits back in Virginia with none to be found.  But rest assured when I find it, I might buy it out.  They are coming out with a cocounut combo & a mango/pom drink.  Now back to the important stuff.

7) I shared earlier in the week that I was trying to keep this trip more relaxed, so despite the opportunity to wake up in the middle of the night and get crowded in police baricades to watch the Today show concert at 0700, I passed.  Instead, we slept in and had a delightful coffee as we meandered down 6th Ave.  We stopped at FoxNews where Andy was hoping to see them taping and the hosts.  This is probably because on my first visit to NYC, my friend Katie & I did just that.  Got our pictures with them and everything.  And ate free BBQ, which was an excellent complement to the pumpkin lattes we were already sipping.  Or not.  But oh the memories.  And the sweet smell of BBQ.  What a perfume it would make.


Instead we ended up with a concert that my parents would have loved (and apparently watched at home).  Seventies music just isn't my thing (except for the BeeGees), but we stuck around for a minute and then headed over to the Today show (which you could hear from Fox since they were 2 blocks apart).photo

Luke Bryan was performing, and though we couldn't see him over the crowd, we had a good shot of Matt Lauer.  Which really was probably the better end of that deal.  Poor guy is looking old.  But I guess his traveling days are over, and it shows.  Am I the only one who got hooked on 'Where in the World is Matt?' from back in the day?


But we stood around in the way way way back and heard a few songs before we went off exploring.  As fun as it was to see the concerts, there is no way I would get up early for that experience.  There is a lot of downtime between songs while they air actual news.  There's too many things I'd rather do on my vacation than wait around with people elbowing me.  I'll just DVR the concerts before I leave home next time and skip it.

8) Central Park.  Andy had never walked through any of the park so we strolled through before we headed back to check out of the hotel.  Now there is something about this place that it never lacks for a bit of crazy.  I watch Law & Order.  I know what I'm talking about.  Two examples:


You may recognize this fountain.  It's a movie staple - Hitch & Enchanted being my favorites.  Anyways, it's a Central Park staple.  Crazy #1 - note Merlin the magician just chilling out on the edge of the fountain.  He didn't talk, yell, preach, or turn anyone into animals.  But creep me out?  That one he got.

photoOn a different side of crazy welcome to the mom excercise club.  No joke.  A young Jane Fonda was Biggest Loser yelling at them.  IN FRONT OF THEIR STROLLERS.  Children screaming.  Super thin moms in the exercise zone.  Aka totally tuning out their children.  I guess I should give those lovely ladies props for not passing their kids off to nannies.  I'm sure someone will think this is judgemental, but really to me its just a sign of how different this place it compared to small town America.  Yeah we don't do that.  But that's just precious.  (And we weren't the only ones who stopped to take a picture...they were putting on a show.  Trust me and the crowd of people watching).

It was a wonderful trip, even though I didn't make it to MOOD to peruse the scrap fabric bins.  We hit Lindy's for cheesecake and almost died in a taxi on the way to the Bronx.  That is so what NYC memories are made of.  Surprises around every corner.