On Your First Birthday...

Dear Baby Girl, 

Something inside me is nudging me saying you aren't a baby anymore.  And my eyes tell me that nudge is right.  You might be walking all over our house like you own the place, but I can still see a wee one in your eyes.  

You've learned so much, and I can't seem to hardly remember what it was like before I watched you sing and dance and wave to every soul we pass at the grocery store.  And Target - can't forget Target.  

I see pieces of me and your daddy in your little personality.  But I also see glimpses of YOU. Like how you've never met a stranger - you will be the extrovert of this family.  No doubt.  And how you will eat anything.  Even carpet fuzz and paper (your Poppy even called you a billy goat).  But really I am glad you didn't pick up our picky eating habits....momma's sanity is oh so thankful.  

Each moment of this first year we've spent together hasn't been all peaches and cream.  Those first six months were full of more growing pains, gray hairs, and sleepless nights than I could have ever imagined.  But you know what Baby Girl? Every single second was worth it.  Every sleepless night.  Every blow out (and I'm not talking a hair-do). Every feeding struggle. Every laugh.  Every hug, high-five, and kiss.  Even every Hot Dog dance (though I'm ok if we start to limit the number of times we listen to that lovely song to just a few each day - please and thank you). 

I am more thankful than I can possibly put into words that God chose me to love you, raise you, and help you grow to fall in love with your Creator.  Whether you decide to be an astronaut, president, a teacher, or a mom (or all of the above!) I can't wait to be there every step as you learn and become YOU.  I love you with every inch of my being (daddy does too).    

Let's make lots of memories this next year too ok? Not just on the special occasions, but the regular everyday days.  Cause I'm ready for lots of hugs & kisses this year - plus I can't wait to see what you will learn next!  I mean you figured out how to nod your head, find your toes, and high-five in a week.  You're my little genius - and I love you.  

Happy birthday day Baby Girl!  

I love you.  All of you. Always.