Party Placecards DIY On The Cheap

I know two people (outside of Kate Middleton - not that I know her...obviously) who have had a baby in the last two days.  Which reminds me of the all the baby showers on my radar in the next few months.  I love a good party - all the planning, preparing, and cooking.  Any occasion - wedding showers, fall parties (my favorite), holidays, baby showers - it doesn't matter. My favorite discovery in the past few years to make the process easier (and more beautiful!) is corner tiles.  Like from Lowe's or Home Depot.  I hate spending all my time standing around the food answering infamous questions like "what's in this" or "does it have nuts" or "is the tea sweetened" (of course it is) and so on.  I want to visit & celebrate too, not just be stuck in the kitchen out of necessity.  These tiles have been my lifeline from kitchen seclusion.  More importantly it cost me less than $5 and I can reuse them forever.

Instead of printing or designing placecards for each party, I can use regular dry-erase markers and the tiles to describe the drinks/food (with any special disclaimers).  At the end of the event, they wipe right off.  At a going away party last year I tried them out for the first time.....


I chose to go with plain white porcelain tiles for a number of reasons. 1) I decorate with white all over my house, so the tiles blend in well. 2) My platters and plates are white and I love matchy-matchy. 3) White will coordinate with any color scheme - unless you use off-white - but who does that?

Ignore my poor handwriting in this close-up...


I bought 8 tiles for about 50 cents each.  They stack on each other and have a nice little home in the back of my kitchen cabinets until the next occasion.  The real question is - when am I hosting my next party?