Restaurant Week 2013

This week is the second annual Restaurant Week in Lynchburg and what a tasty week it has been.  It's a great opportunity to try out local spots at an affordable price.  Date night this week took place at Shoemaker's downtown. photo

I love a place with a story.  This used to a shoe factory in its younger years - not that the large red pump on the side of the building gives it away or anything.  The walls of the dining room are decorated with prints of various shoes with quotes from famous figures...all related to shoes of course.  Not that I love shoes or have over 100 pairs (if only that was an exaggeration).   But I digress - back to the food.

For restaurant week, they had a special of 3 courses for $25 - not bad since the price of most of these entrees alone on the regular menu are $25.  My better half and I are so similar we ordered the exact same combination.  So I can only comment on one set of dinner options, though I am sure the others are just as tasty.  The place was full with tons of people waiting - so it must be so!

Round #1 - Appe-teasers (as I like to call them)

We got the seafood bisque - complete with big chunks of shrimp, clams, and crab.  Tasty with a touch of sweetness to it.  Other options were some type of salad (but no way was that on my radar) or fried green tomatoes.


Round #2 - Entrees

Although shrimp and grits will always be one of my favorite, most Southern meals, there was no way I was passing up the opportunity for a butter covered steak.  I mean really.  Everything is better with butter.  We got the NY Strip (?10 oz I believe) with a garlic butter on top.  And boy was it a dollop. Every morsel covered in it.  If you haven't tried butter on a steak, just do it.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  A few veggies to balance it all out and overall a delectable dinner.  And yes - my steak was well done.  And it was wonderful.  Don't knock my chargrill - I like my animals cooked!


Round #3 - Dessert

We both opted for the cheesecake.  And it was wonderful.  I've never been a lover of chocolate, so I passed on the chocolate creme puff/mousse combo, though a co-worker spoke of its wonders.


If you are in Lynchburg and haven't taken advantage of one of the many restaurants deals yet - you have until Saturday the 29th!  Check out out other participating restaurants and their offerings here.

Did you try out another place in town this year?  From another city?  How does your local version stack up - I'd love to drool over it!