Snowed In? Let The Online Shopping Begin!

Once again I'm spending another day inside thanks to snow & ice.  Sigh.  Since that means my monthly girl's night is cancelled, why not do some online shopping instead?  Seems only natural to me.....

A few weeks ago I wrote about my most favorite home decorations - the Letterpress blocks from Dayspring.  They are running a sale today 3/6 through Saturday 3/8 on all their home decor products, including the letterpress blocks!  Use the code HOME35 and get 35% off one item (aka one word, not just one block).  This is such a great deal, I'm picking up another word as a gift.  The've introduced a bunch of new words (Blessed, Family, Welcome, and a bunch more).  Don't forget you can customize your own word too! 

Photo used with permission from Dayspring

Photo used with permission from Dayspring

I've started working on a few projects for Vintage Lynchburg which is coming up in April.  I'm excited to show the town my new take on pallet art.   It's certainly a learning experience, but seeing the finished products at the end makes all the the late nights worth it.  Plus it's helping to fill up my empty crafting tank.  I know cross-stitch isn't everyone's thing, but I adore these!  Which, duh, I'm making them so I hope I like them.  Keep me grounded folks - what do you think?

Between shopping, painting, and some spring decorating, I may just be able to break out of this groundhog induced funk! Here's to hoping this is the last storm of the year - bring on the sun!

*Dayspring link is an affiliate link.