Summertime And The Living Is Just Plain Busy

It's been a crazy weekend, so today's post will be brief.  Baby showers + hospital visiting + out of town visitors + brother-in-law birthday + feeling blah + etc = one exhausting weekend.  But there was a glimmer of light.  I was almost as refreshed afterwards as those girls in the Mento's commercials circa 1990.  I'm always in the mood for hot coffee.  Even if its 101 outside I'm still siding with a hot latte over iced coffee.  I can't possibly be the only person who drinks cold coffee in 10 seconds flat.  Which leads me to the issue that I am a firm believer in not drinking my whole day's calories in one sitting (and that I can't afford 4 cups of iced coffee every time I'm out or I'll go broke). peach green tea lemonade

Earlier this summer, Starbucks introduced an iced peach green tea lemonade.  Quite the combination.  Tea lemonade I get.  Peach tea I get.  Peach green tea - no comprendo.  But I love peaches so much I was waiting for a day to test it out where I had already OD'd on coffee.  Everything deserves a try at least once.  And oh my word.  It was actually pretty good.  I didn't really taste the green tea and the peach blends into the lemonade without it tasting acidic.  So.  I'm a fan.  I just hope they don't ditch it like they did honey lattes.  Good thing my favorite local coffee shop (The Muse!) keeps my taste for those well quenched.

I'll be back on Wednesday with DIY posts the rest of the week.  Happy Monday!