All Things Autumn

Well folks.  The time is here....whether I'm ready or not.  We are just a few days from the start of October.  And there's just something about flipping that calendar page (I am the only one who still uses paper??) that makes it seem officially Fall.  

I come from a family that is ALL IN when it comes to celebrating holidays.  And Fall is totally a holiday.  We start celebrating Fall right after my birthday in August.  One of my sisters over a decade (or two) ago created a document entitled "The Quintessential List of All Things Autumn".  It was a complete list of all of our must-do's for the season, of course jazzed up with some sweet late 90's clip art.  Yes I still have my original copy that hung on my dorm room wall in 2001.  Call me nostalgic.  

Then you have my other sister who just yesterday hosted a Fall themed "You've Got Mail" girls night complete with freshly sharpened pencils, daisies, and pumpkin oreos.  (Yes, they are delish and thankfully for my waistline, are only a limited time offering).  Not a huge YGM fan?  Well you should be.  I mean Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, witty banter - what more do you need?

They just don't make movies that like anymore.  But as much as I could write a whole post around this movie....I digress.  

Tomorrow I start my second year of the #write31days challenge.  What is this you ask?  Thousands of bloggers, big & small, accept the challenge to write every day in October about one topic.  I'm keeping my topic under wraps until tomorrow (hint: it may help you with your Christmas shopping!).  

Over the past two years I have discovered some amazing blogs thanks to the #write31days series.  People write about every possible topic.  31 days of free printables.  How to shop Goodwill.  Various self-improvement type topics.  31 days of knock-knock jokes.  Recipes.  If you want to read it - someone's writing it.  

The Nester (who hosts the challenge) splits up the posts into a few categories so you can easily peruse the tons of topics people link up.  Click over here to see last years blogs/categories to get an idea (or even read) of what's to come in the next few days.  Tomorrow I will intro my topic for this year and will post the link where everyone will be listing their topics this year if you want to find one or two (or ten) to read along this October.  Of course I want you to read me first mind you.  Then you're welcome to find all kind of new blog loves on the Nester's site.  Not that I'm trying to be bossy or anything.  

So wish me luck as I take this on!  It's never easy to find the time to write daily, but throw in a newborn & heading back to work and this looks to be a crazy October!  

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