DIY Disney Autograph Books

We just returned from our yearly big family pilgrimage to the Happiest Place on Earth and I need a vacation from my vacation.  But in an effort to dwell on only the cutest memories of our trip, I thought I'd share the autograph book I brought with us.  Baby girl is finally catching on to the characters and I had my fingers crossed for lots of amazing character encounters.  Like this one....

I became a mini-celebrity while waiting in line to meet Chip & Dale at Animal Kingdom when a few fellow moms caught sight of it.  Not to brag, but pictures of me & our autograph book went home on a handful of SD disks that day.  So I've got that going for me.

So without further ado....

I bought the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters (Disney-version) on Amazon (as of this writing it's a mere $7.38).  I love that each character has their own page with a few pictures, a mini-synopsis, and plenty of room for a signature.  Baby girl loves books and pictures & I think this will be a great one to have on the shelf & pull out to learn about new friends time & again.  I used the traditional blank page books as a kid - and do you ever remember looking at them after you left the theme park?  Yeah, me either.  I guess time will tell if we actually "read" it later this year.  But it was so fun to have them sign it!

The book itself is hardcover and has a dust jacket.  Check with your local copy shops to make sure they are willing to cut out the pages from a hardback.  I've always used my local Staples to spiral bind my Bible study books without issue.  I learned the hard way that they didn't want to use their blade to cut this, so after a few more stops, I landed at my local FedEx/Kinkos, and for less than $10, I had the final product!

I had them cut & laminate the dust jacket to become the new front & back cover.  If I were going to do this again, I would get them to add in a few blank pages at the end of the book for characters that don't have a page.  The only one we came across on this trip was Rafiki (and as you can see he took over the one blank page we did have).  But don't worry mom's of Frozenaholics, Anna & Elsa each have their own page.  

For less than $20, I have a great book that will last & be used for years (& trips) to come.  To me it was a no brainer since the ones at Disney cost not much less than that!

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