DIY Basic Clothespin Wreath


Sometimes life hands you lemons and lemonade is easily squeezed.  And sometimes those lemons look more like cars that won't start in your garage when you are headed to get groceries at 8pm.  Let's just say that tastes a bit more like vinegar.  So in an effort to ignore the impending doom that the call from the dealer will bring tomorrow, I've decided to shift my focus to sharing today's ten minute DIY.

The Nester shared a post this weekend with the most beautiful graphic of a wreath made of clothespins.  My front door has been in need of new coat of paint for a while, but usually I can distract from it with a wreath or door decoration, but sadly it's been empty since Christmas.  I never could seem to find something that I loved and wanted to invest time or money in.  Until today.  The original post from ZevyJoy can be found here, but I adapted it based on what I had laying around.  A number of variations would be easy to create depending on how you layer the clothespins or if you paint them.  Let your imagination run wild!  


Basic Clothespin Wreath Tutorial


  • Clothespins (I got mine in packs from the Dollar Tree)
  • Metal Wreath Frame (leftover from an old wreath - mine was from Hobby Lobby

I used 3 packages of clothespins to cover my large wreath frame.  On the smallest ring of the wreath, I clipped them clothespins as far as possible.  The "small" hole in the clothespin closest to the spring is where I attached them to the ring.  It is tight around the wreath frame so that the clothespins don't flop around once you hang the wreath.

So all in all, for exactly zero dollars and less than 10 minutes, I fed my creative side and ended up with something useful & beautiful.  Here's to hoping the clothespins will hold up well outside, since you know, that's where they are supposed to be used.  I'd love to see versions you create - my next step may be to spray paint it gold!