Hawaiian Banana Bread & A Mini-Blog Makeover

I have been waiting over a week for bananas to ripen in order to test out a recipe that I've been drooling over (no, seriously I did) for a few weeks.  And I got impatient and did a banana exchange with my mom because I. Just. Couldn't. Wait. Anymore.  When a girl needs mushy bananas, she needs mushy bananas.


Hawaiian Banana Bread.  Let your tastebuds just chew on the concept for a minute.  Bananas.  Coconut.  Pecans.  Pineapple.  Plain ole banana bread will never be enough.  It was the perfect way to spend today kicking summer to the curb <bring on the pumpkins!>.  But for real, I'm making this all year round from now on.  As in, once my bananas finally come to their senses and brown, I'm making two more loaves to feed my freezer.  Maternity leave ends in just a few weeks and I need breakfast ready to go.  What better way to feed my sorrows on workday mornings as I leave the baby girl?  Right?  We downed half a loaf between the two of us tonight & my Bible Study girls get the other loaf in the morning.  These bananas need to hurry up and brown.  That's all I have to say about that.

An amazing bloggy friend I met last year at Allume posted the recipe here.  Go get it.  Like now.  While you're there, go ahead & bookmark her blog - you'll be glad you did!  The only tweaks I made were to use only all-purpose flour (who am I kidding...there's no way I'd end up using the rest of a bag of whole wheat flour).  And my gas oven took about 80 minutes to bake both loaves.  My Grama would have been so proud that I used buttermilk.  I'm such a proud Southerner.  It's seriously such an easy recipe and so worth it.  Just do it friends.

In other exciting news (for me at least), you may notice I've tweaked the look of the blog a bit in hopes of making it more functional & "prettier".  I finally got around to setting up a way to subscribe to the blog so you can get an email update each time I post.  Because I know you are checking daily with fingers crossed.   I kid (wait - maybe? Someone?  Anyone? ).  So if once in a blue moon, you like what you read, plug your email ------> in the sidebar & get each post direct to your inbox.  No pressure.  But really, now is a great time to do it because October is just around the corner & I'm blogging every day again for the 31 Days writing challenge with The Nester (read more about that here).  And it's going to be fun!  And may help you start your Christmas shopping.  And if that's not enough to bribe you to read I don't know what is!