Left Coast Original - Best of Etsy 2016

Let me just say up front that today's shop solved a problem that had been plaguing me for a while. (And they were super speedy in getting the order out - I had a personalized gift within a week of ordering!).  Left Coast Original is a Florida-based Etsy shop that makes wood docking stations for phones, watches, iPads, and more.  

This stand is the one I bought for my husband to contain all the cords that ended up on the floor each morning after he unplugged and packed up to head out of the day.  He loves it - so I call it a success.  Everything gets charged, cords aren't laying all over the place, and it's about as manly as an organizer can get!

Photo used with permission from Left Coast Original

Photo used with permission from Left Coast Original

Here's a side view of their pieces - clearly this is a larger model that can hold more devices, but you get the idea.

See how snugly the watch charger & the cords nestle in to their homes?  It's genius I tell you!

They will monogram their products and even have some options for adding notes & text.  Not to be pigeonholed into just phone docking stations, they also make various cutting boards.  Each and every state is in their shop & I think they would make excellent wedding gifts!

One of the most unique ideas I've seen in a while is this handwritten recipe cutting board.  However you write out the recipe is how it gets engraved onto the board!  Perfect to pass down over generations - an instant family heirloom!

Hop over and check out Left Coast Original's different designs - maybe it they will solve all your cord solutions too!