BYOImagination - 31 Days of Etsy

The first order of business for today is to announce the Pegged by Grace giveaway winner!  Congrats to Rebekah L - check your email for how to redeem your store credit!

Now, back to business.  Today's Etsy shop of choice is BYOImagination.  Cute name right?  They are purveyors of "play-kitchen" food made from wood.  

Every kid plays kitchen right?  We started by beating on Tupperware containers and making mixing bowls morph into musical instruments.  Then we hit up the children's museum "grocery store" area and proceeded to demand to be the check out clerk and beep while bagging every 3-8 year old in the place's groceries.  Wait....maybe that was just me.  The Portsmouth Children's Museum, consider this my formal apology for going dictator on your exhibit circa 1987.

But oh for those days of my fake kitchen and groceries at home.  What more does a tot need than a pretend stove, fake cookies, and empty cereal boxes?  I passed many an hour in that kitchen.  Remember all those plastic replica foods of the 80s?  You know...these guys.  

The ones made out of thin plastic that you could step on and morph out of shape?  And they had that tiny hole in them so whenever they needed to be de-germed, they inevitably still held onto a bit of water and would drip all the way back to the play kitchen.  Gross.  Just gross.

Well BYOI seems to be the best solution to me.  Wood replica foods that aren't toxic and can stand up to lots of playing and sanitizing (code for slobber & drool).  Besides that they are beautiful & so fun!

My favorite food option is the blueberry pancakes complete with pads of butter, bananas, and blueberries.

Photo used with permission from BYOImagination

Photo used with permission from BYOImagination

And then there's this beauty to keep all the little boys entertained who aren't into "girl" play kitchens....

Photo used with permission from BYOImagination

Photo used with permission from BYOImagination

Smores in your living room year round.  Talk about fun for the whole family.  That sounds like the best kind of camping to me.  Movie.  Warm blanket.  Fuzzy PJs.  And a fake fire in the living room.  Done & done.  I adore toys that are original and force kids to use their imagination - because I'm just mean like that.  Forget the electronics.  Old school.  That's how we roll around here.

They have lots of other options out there that I know any kid will love adding to their food collections!  Check out BYOImagination's Etsy store....which is your favorite?