A Haiku & Review of Kroger Clicklist

The big day has come,

no more grocery shopping,

happy mommy wins.

Not much inspires me to read, much less write poetry.  But my world is forever changed for the better thanks to Kroger.  Their online ordering & pickup service started locally this past week and I literally couldn't wait to test it out.

Sure it costs $4.95 (starting the 4th time you use the service).  But you know whats worth more than 5 smackers?  My sanity.  I love that my friendly daughter wants to socialize with each and EVERY person we pass, aisle after aisle.  Her socialness and love of everyone is a gift I want to foster.  But after we've stopped three times to say "Hi" and tell our two-year old life story to strangers three aisles in a row, my patience is past gone.

I'm tired of sacrificing evenings with my husband because I have pushed off shopping until after I get the little one to bed.  I need to stop making spontaneous purchases (like Pumpkin Spice Cheerios) and stick to my list to support our family budget.  {PS those cheerios are top notch.}  

So I jumped in feet first today & am sold for life.  I am going to gain hours of my life back, reduce a huge source of stress for me every other week, and save money all at once.

So here's my rundown from today so you'll know what to expect if you decide to try it....

Online Ordering:

  • I used the Kroger app on my phone, where I already had my digital coupons loaded. Be sure to activate any coupons for things you frequently buy before you start.  {Next time I'll probably use my laptop to compose my shopping list} 
  • You can search for items to add to your next shop at the top of the page, or choose from things listed in your account that you've bought in the past.  I'm buying the same stuff 80% of the time, so I'm sure it will easier each time to repeat and adjust my shopping order.
  • You have the option to allow (or not) substitutions if what you want is out of stock.  With produce, you can give other comments too - for example I asked for green bananas.
  • Your Kroger card is already linked to your account, so just go to the checkout page & select a store & day/time for pickup. *FYI - lots of days and times were blocked already because I'm sure all the moms are testing this out, so I had to wait >24 hours to pickup my groceries.  So be aware!*
  • Prices are estimates - if you pickup after the weekly sales change, the prices will change so keep that in mind.

Grocery Pickup:

  • The spots to pull in are right up front & there's a sign with a number to call so they know you've arrived.  I was asked my name & if I had any paper coupons.  
  • In about 2 minutes or so, a super sweet gal wheeled out my groceries in crates and immediately went over some substitutions they made for me.  She was very clear that she was happy to remove any of those items if that was my preference.  She swiped my credit card on her iPad, and put all my groceries in the trunk.  I didn't need to sign &  never even got out of the car!
  • I was out of there in less than 5 minutes. Boom.

The Verdict:

We've started eating clean/Paleo-ish so I had a lot of fresh produce on my list and I am super picky about what I buy. I was honestly surprised by the quality of the items I received.  No bruising or cuts on my veggies. Fresh berries.  The substitutions in my order this time were minor -  they didn't have a large container of oats, so they subbed three small ones for the same price.  They didn't have a large box of Pull-Ups, so I got two smaller bags.  They were out of brand-name pumpkin puree, so they subbed Kroger brand, which I then got for free.  See - I'm saving money already!    

I'm sure I'll have to go in the store for a random thing or two off and on, but I will never again loose my mind over fits for marshmallow cereal with a toddler! Try it - you'll love!

{Trust me, I'm receiving nothing from Kroger for this post, I just know lots of moms who need time for ourselves - and this is an amazing way to gain time back in your day for YOU.  Or laundry.  Your choice!}