Disney Lego Minifigures (also: How I'm a Big Kid at Heart)

Life has been a little crazy around these parts here lately and I decided yesterday was the day to treat myself to some fun.  Which clearly means going from store to store looking for Disney Lego figures right?  No? Well maybe you should give it a shot because letting my inner kid out for a few hours was so refreshing in the midst of a life full of adult stresses.   

My sister wanted me to video the unwrapping of my finds so she could feel like she was there, so naturally I figured why not share it with all my friends right?  So welcome to the blog if you're new around here & if you've known me forever don't mock me for my wet hair and weird hand motions.  You're all welcome for this gem.

Video notes: I realize Mr. Incredible's name is .....wait for it....Mr. Incredible.  Gah. And they are mini figures, not mini figurines - I clearly can't read.  

I've got the majority of the collection after yesterdays hunt, with only one duplicate - if you're local & in the market for the extra Ursula let me know, I'm down for a trade! Fingers crossed I'll finally figure out the dot matching system on the packages & grab the last handful without spending a fortune.  If you head out to find your own they were about 3 cents cheaper at Walmart than at ToysRUs.  Clearly I find those savings enough to justify buying an extra bag  Or two.  Target is supposedly carrying them but my local store didn't have them (but they tend to hold back merchandise in the back for way too long).

Friends, can someone please tell me I'm not the only one who still loves playing with Legos as a "big kid"?  We've even had at-home date nights putting together the architecture series & I seriously treasure those memories.  Granted, I love most all things Lego, but I'll be glad for the day I'm not playing with Duplos daily.  How many primary colored towers & castles can one girl make in a lifetime?  Cause I'm probably maxing that out on a daily basis.  But truly I'm glad the little one loves building like me - I can't wait to see what we can imagine in a few years!