Letterpress, Grace, and Fringe Hours

Last year during our trip to Nashville, Andy graciously went along with my plan to tour the Hatch Print Shop.  You may not know them by name, but basically they are the kings of letterpress.  And I love letterpress.  If I could have afforded that style invitations for our wedding I would have. But alas, we are not katrillionaires.  (Yes, that's a number and it totally comes right after bazillion.  Duh.)

The problem is it's next to impossible to 1) find and 2) afford old letterpress equipment.  So I settled for the chance to make my own print on the tour and ogle over all of their letterpress blocks. 

And then Dayspring went and blew my mind and made my heart swell. (PS - Dayspring is the Christian arm of Hallmark)

Picture from Dayspring.com

Picture from Dayspring.com

They introduced their Letterpress Blocks.  You have got to click over and look at these.  You can customize any possible word you can imagine.  Hang them on your wall.  Fill your mantle.  Just maybe not use them to screen print T-shirts.

I had a gut feeling and went with "grace" and it found a sweet home on my mantle just before Christmas.  And folks, those cute little blocks started a change in my heart.  I've struggled in the last few months with trying to be as close to perfect as I can - as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, employee, friend, and the list goes on.

grace letterpress

What I began to realize was I was trying so hard to meet every possible need of the people around me that I started to feel empty.  I needed to cut myself some slack and give myself grace. Our Father has so freely given it to us, and I wasn't so free in handing it out to those around me, much less myself.  So GRACE became my word for the year - my theme you could say.  And since I can't watch the tube without those five letters staring me down, I'm praying it gets ingrained in my soul.  

And in nothing other than providential timing, I got an advance copy of Jessica Turner's (The Mom Creative) new book The Fringe Hours:Making Time For You.  She writes over at The Mom Creative and seriously the words are jumping off the page at me.  Since the baby girl arrived, most days I feel guilty squeezing in time to take a shower.  Forget writing, sewing, crafting, or any other personal passions.  It's love on her, do the laundry, run the errands, care for others, go to work, sleep, and repeat  And to step away from any of that had made me feel like I was being lazy.  Or putting myself first.  Enter my reminder of "grace".  There is always room in the day for time for me.  I just have to choose to make myself a priority.  You can preorder her book for a steal of $9.63 on Amazon - it releases Februrary 17th!  I'll be sharing more about it in a few weeks, but in the meantime you can sign up over here for 3 days of emails with pearls from the book (Jan 27-29).

fringe hours

In other book news (since I'm giving myself the okay to take time to read), Sophie Hudson's new book Home Is Where My People Are is out! You can read the first 20 pages for free here.  Mine came today from Amazon and I can't wait start laughing along with her.  She blogs as BooMama - add her to your daily reads....she's a hoot!

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