Stitch Fix #2 Review

Well the votes are in and I kept all of Stitch-Fix box #2! Without further ado, here are the goods.....

1) BRIXON IVY Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank

You know those clothes that look terrible on the hanger, but take on new life when you try them on?  Yeah, that's this tank.  I had asked for patterns - and this definitely fit the bill.  It seemed a bit bright, but paired with a sweater it was a bit more my speed.  I tend to wear clothes that can be a bit too blouse-y, but this was fitted without making me feel like it was too big in some places and too tight in others.  I think the knit back makes the fit - plus it helps causal-ify the silk front of the shirt.  Not to mention this combo perfectly matches my Sole Hope flip-flops.  <Side-note: You can find a pair here, but for sure read about one of my fav organizations.> 

And yes, I did take this picture in the middle of Woodcraft picking out new stock for Burl & Badger.  And yes I am better at identifying wood than the craftsman who may share a roof with me.  I'm just saying.  But that's a story for another day.  Back to the box....

2) Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top

Don't you just love my incredibly dusty mirror, the piles of laundry, & the new dining chairs taking up residence in our bedroom?  Let's just ignore the state of my bedroom and focus on MY FAVORITE SHIRT EVER.   I want this in like 10 colors.  The funniest part is I almost threw this on for work today, and what do you know - good thing I didn't because a co-worker had it on. Wouldn't that have been just precious.  It's the perfect combination of softness, comfort, and cuteness.  I really wish I could wear this everyday.  LITERALLY.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Even though it's not thick at all, it will be super easy to transition into Fall. <Another side note: A friend got this in a different color last year and said it did 'pill' some, so make sure you follow the wash/dry instructions,  Public service announcement is now over.  Resume your current activity.> 

3) Pixley Maeby Chevron Print Dress

I'm still on the hunt for a belt, because I feel like it needs a bit more waist definition.  The husband really liked it so STAY IT MUST.  Any ideas on color/ideas for a belt or tie or something awesome?  I wore it to work this week with a blazer in a 'make-it-work' moment (aka all my dress pants were dirty).  It was really comfy and the length was great - I didn't spend my day pulling it down when I sat, etc.  Ladies - you know what I mean.  But I still think I'd like it best with some waist bring on the ideas!

4) Market & Spruce Barrymore Solid Pleat Detail Top

So I took a picture of me wearing this but I wouldn't put that kind of strain on your eyes.  Let's just say it was early, my hair was wet ------ WHAT WAS I THINKING.  You are oh so very welcome.  Let's just be thankful I posted a pic of the shirt, of course super wrinkly from the bottom of the laundry bin with way to much glare, but we can't all be perfect now can we.  Anyways, even though this was a solid color I really like the definition the pleats give this tank (it's better in person - trust me).  It hangs perfectly which rarely happens with longer tops thanks in part to my hips.  This one will be easy to dress up for work and just as easily pairs with shorts for an around the town pulled together look.  Can't wait to rock this with my brown wedge sandals from JCrew in late Summer/early Fall.  

5) Skies are Blue Alexa Embroidery Detail Tank

Honestly, I liked this better folded than on.  But since I had set my heart on the other four items in my box, it was cheaper to keep this and get the 25% off the total than to send this one back.  I wore it to work today and I liked it better than I thought.  The flowiness of it sent my **MATERNITY SHIRT LOOK-ALIKE ALERT!** radar off big time at first.  I paired it with a drapey sweater and a fitted skirt today and I think I can make it work. 

Fingers crossed my luck keeps up in box #3.  So far, the Market & Spruce line tends to catch my eye between the two boxes so far.  I've already scheduled my next Stitch Fix box early August before my birthday to start transitioning my wardrobe over to Fall.  My stylist this time was Victoria and she sent me exactly what I asked for - mostly tops & more prints.  They really do listen to the feedback you give!  You can post things you like to Pinterest & they will check your board before styling you - but honestly I'm lazy and blogging is more natural for me, so by writing this up and including pictures, my stylist gets a great idea of what to send.  So thanks dear stylist for aiding this fashion-challenged momma (and for reading)!

**Stitch Fix has not sponsored this post, but I have included my referral link.  By clicking though, they give credit for being introduced to new customers, but please please please know that I wouldn't write or tell you about it if I didn't love it!  My wardrobe *and self-esteem* are so glad I bit the bullet and tried it.  If you try them out I want to hear how it goes!**