Enough Is Enough

All I wanted to do was sit down and write.  But there was seriously not a flat surface to set the laptop on that wasn't already covered in something.  The kitchen table had the kids potty that Amazon delivered that we aren't quite ready to use & the remnants of the mornings Target run.  The bar counter has long been the landing point for random mail, coupons I need to organize, books I want to read, candles, batteries, craft supplies - forget a junk drawer, it's become a junk shelf.  And don't even get me started about my "office" that is currently serving as a guest room/office/sewing/craft/storage spot  It's failing on all fronts because I expect that little space to be too much.  The door to that room may need to be permanently glued shut.

So I resort, once again, to trying to balance the laptop on my lap on the world's most uncomfortable couch.  And I've had it.  I am tired of spending more of my life taking care of the "stuff" than being with people or doing things that advance my heart or our family.  Every week I've been living the same conundrum - do the chores that seem to suck away bits of my soul (whether I do them or just stress about why I've avoided doing them) or play with M/write/sew/work or actually really truly start my business.  See, I know the benefits of making memories way outdo the chores.  But in the midst of the "fun" things, my soul struggles that I should be doing the laundry/dishes/organizing my office and so on.  

And I'm just flat done.  {Feel free to bless my heart}

I shouldn't be buying more things to organize the things I'm not using.

I shouldn't be stepping over piles of clothes I don't possibly have enough time to wear.  Or clean for that matter.

Maybe it's a bit of laziness combined with my hatred of not finishing a project all at once that has kept me from even facing these obstacles.  But now is the time my friends.  Enough is enough.

At the end of last year I read 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'  (aka the KonMari method) because I KNEW we had major issues related to too much stuff & was hoping it would be a motivator to deal with the crap in every room that was stressing me out daily.  Some of the tips included weren't really my speed {Ex: I don't really care if my socks can't breathe if they are in a ball instead of being folded.....thats a bit much for my taste}.  But once you get past some of the zen/Japanese culture tones there are some serious pearls of wisdom in there folks.  My biggest take away, as goofy as it sounds, is that if it doesn't give you joy, then it needs to go.  

For years I've held onto things "for when".  House decorating accessories because one day we will move and have space to display it and I love it and it was a deal from Target.  Clothes because I'll eventually lose the baby weight (funny right?).  Books baby girl will be old enough to read one day.  Old notes from school for reference in case I ever get to teach again one day -  (keep in mind they are medical based and already outdated....I've had a revelation - they've got to go).  

And somehow these super innocent reasons for keeping things has led to our house being overtaken one item at a time by beautiful wonderful things.  That we don't need in this season.

No longer am I give our "stuff" the upper hand on my heart and our priorities.  Sure there are chores that have to be done - but I only want to spend my chore time dealing with stuff that I have to do.  I don't want to waste time moving, dusting, and organizing things we don't even need.  I love my spouse & kiddo too much to get any more gray hair and be in bad moods because of dirty clothes and dusty vases. 

I'll try to share our progress as I go room by room (my general goal is to get rid of 50%).  I hope it inspires you to find freedom from your stuff too!

{If you're in the market for home decor etc you can follow our Instagram sale @thekeithskonmari - but please please don't bid on things to junkify your own home!}