The Blacklist Is On My Blacklist

If you haven't seen last week's episode of The Blacklist & have any intention of it not being spoiled, then take this as your warning to stop reading.  

I have a love-hate relationship with 'boy-shows'.  Set me in front of Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, or 10 Things I Hate About You & I can watch them for hours back to back. But that's the ironic thing about marriage.  Whether I liked it or not, my TV & movie viewing slowly started becoming more boy-centric & my time girl-show watching dramatically dropped....more like plummeted.  (Thanks again to the movie industry who no longer thinks the masses want the likes of You've Got Mail & Miss Congeniality anymore).  So instead I have expanded my knowledge of superheros & James Bond.  I'll admit I don't totally hate it.....just a new phase of life to embrace right?  Captain America isn't so bad....

All of this brings me to how I got sucked into the suspense of The Blacklist during its's first season.  Lots of suspense, not too gory, & still some semblance of a love story.  So I jumped in with both feet & it has been a weekly date night watch around these parts.

Until now.  Well, maybe.  I'm still deciding if I'm quitting the show in protest.  But to be honest - I have to know what happens.

Boy shows should not have me crying during primetime.  Actual tears people.  Elizabeth Keene was not supposed to die.  And surely not as a complication of childbirth.  Maybe it hit me harder because of my own complications after having the little one.  But regardless I was glued to my seat (aka pillow since I was watching in bed.  Hello -  it comes on at 9pm & I am a mom so clearly that's my bedtime).

Once the faucet of tears finally cut off & I fully realized the awful plot twist the writers took, I immediately started hypothesizing. As in I dreamed about it all night and spent last weekend trying to guess where the writers would go after this episode. So here's my take....because clearly I need to make this into a happy ending.

I think Mr. Kaplan (the clean up lady - though technically she is called 'Mr' by Reddington) has secretly devised a way to fake Elizabeth's death in order to protect her.  Of course that would mean the doctor guy had to be in on it, and though his tears seemed too real to be a put-on, he used to have a thing for Elizabeth in an earlier season so I can see him faking it to save her.  Redd never shows emotion, so him almost fainting leads me to believe he's in the dark.  Kaplan made a comment to Redd before Liz delivered that he had made them all believe that he could protect her & clearly he didn't in this situation - hence giving birth in a nightclub with a disco ball.  I can see Elizabeth agreeing to go along with this in order save her baby, though her being intubated makes me question my whole theory - thats pretty invasive if it was all fake.  But this is the best I can come up with.

Switch over to real life and Megan Boone (Keen) really is pregnant.  So this plot certainly helps cover for her real-life maternity leave. And apparently there is a planned spin-off in the works with Tom Keen as the main character (supposedly the May 5 episode is the mini-pilot to see if NBC will pick it up).  The Solomon character is set to be a part of that as well, so this new vendetta certainly sets that up for some built in drama between those two.

But back to the original show.  If Elizabeth comes back as just memories or flashbacks, I'll call foul.  Because that's just lame.  I can't think of a series that has killed of the main character & the show survived.  Every single plot line & character was connected to her, that without her presence I feel like it's all lacking.  And then it will most definitely be a complete boy show and will be dead to me.

What's your theory?  Please tell me someone else shed a few tears & I'm not alone.  I'll be tuning in Thursday night with more anticipation than is probably accepted.  If I wasn't afraid of being let down, I'd throw a spontaneous Blacklist party.  That's what happens when you have good writers and a husband that gets you sucked into these crazy shows.