Simplify: A 2016 Family Goal

I can't lie - I used to think that people who chose a word or theme for the year were weird.  Like, really you need a word to keep you in line?  And then 2015 hit & in the chaos and upheaval that was learning to live as a family of 3 completely changed my mind.  

My focus in 2015 was to give myself and others GRACE (you can read about that here & here).  I put the word on my mantle.  I couldn't help but stare at it every single day and I am different because of it.  By keeping 'grace' in the back of my mind day in and out, I *mostly* stayed focused on loving others & myself enough to cut us all some slack and to stop kicking myself every time I fell short of perfection. 

I had intended my word-of-the-year to be an area of personal focus, but slowly over the year my husband joined in and not only helped keep my mind on GRACE, but took it on for our family too.  So much so that in mid-December he voiced an idea for a word of focus for 2016.  Let's get real ladies - if our men have an interest & want to invest in family goals then JUMP ON THAT TRAIN.  


It seems so simple - pun intended. We are always busy.  We have too much stuff.  We are constantly trying to decide what tasks are must do vs want to do vs dread doing.  So this is the year we are intentionally streamlining what we have and where we go and who we are.  

I'll be purging closets that I've meant to sort through for years.  We'll be purging our calendars so we can be all in no matter what we are doing. I honestly am so excited to be able to give myself the freedom to focus on wherever I am when I am there - be it time with family, friends, work, vacation, or writing.

Who knows what other areas of my life will be simplified (in a good way of course), because based on how GRACE interwove my life in 2015, I have no doubt SIMPLIFY will do the same for me in 2016.  

Here's to hoping I end up with a simplified cleaning and cooking routine - daily stressors in this neck of the woods.  If you've ever chosen a theme for the year I'd love to hear it for some added inspiration for future years.  

Happy New Year!

P.S.  I have loved having my theme in letterpress blocks on my mantle all year.   I've got 'SIMPLIFY' on order now & one day hope to have a gallery wall full of reminders of where we've been as a family.  My favorites are from Dayspring - you can create your own word here if you need the visual reminder like I do (affiliate link)!