The Best Thing I've Read This Week

I had the best of intentions of writing earlier this week & even hosting a giveaway, but in all transparency....... I am lazy.  I've been playing with the little one and catching up on laundry and other house unpleasantries the last few days since returning Monday from a date weekend trip to NYC. I'm just now sitting down to write and of course the end of nap time is just around the corner. So rather than throw together a halfway post for the giveaway, I figured I'd share the best blog post I've read this week.

I'll be back next week with something creative (Hint: #illustratedfaith) and maybe I'll even blow myself away and post twice.  But for now...some good stuff.

Logan Wolfram runs the Allume Conference I've attended twice in the past few years.  She is hilarious and so far from pretentious it makes anyone listening to her on the stage respect her even more.  She released her first book 'Curious Faith' earlier this month (I'll share a review just as soon as I can squeeze in the last few chapters) in the midst of taking her family to China for her brother's wedding.  Because when it rains it pours right? I loved getting a glimpse of China's wedding traditions following her Instagram feed. What you need to read is this post here about the snooty letter a neighbor sent while she was out of town.  If you've ever had a neighbor or been one then it's applicable to you.  

<Click the link above & go read it now...then come back for my two cents>

People - we have got to learn to talk to each other, otherwise we can't be a community.  Heaven forbid we teach our children how to communicate lovingly with others even when the topic may be as "sticky" as a messy yard.   Otherwise we will raise a generation of angry anonymous texters who can't get by when life is anything but sunshine & rainbows. I surely shouldn't be the example of how to handle difficult conversations (hello - introvert!), but I know it's important to deal with things so they don't bottle up inside leading to writing nasty notes. 

Her mysterious neighbor clearly has no idea she's battling an illness, trying to release a book, gathering a family of 4 rushing for visas to get to China at the last minute - all on top of everyday life.  I'm not saying we should air all our laundry for the world to know - but if said neighbor had talked to her about their concerns in her yard, maybe they could have seen that they could have served that family or even just granted them grace until they returned home to clear up from a storm that happened while they were in CHINA.  If we don't talk to our neighbors, how do we know if they have an injury that means we can help shovel their snow-covered sidewalks?  Or that another neighbor has had a recent illness and needs help with their kids? Or just flat out feel comfortable enough to give a smile & wave on your evening walk....that alone could be the bright spot in someones day.

We may not have a turquoise picnic table in our yard to encourage people to stop in, sit, and chat, but we've had many moments connecting with our neighborhood from our rocking chairs.  So here's to Logan's witty post that got me thinking again about the importance of real community. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did & it get's you thinking.  Happy weekend friends!