I stopped taking a camera to Disney years ago - there's enough to carry and keep up with without adding that to the stack.  But usually by early afternoon I'm getting the dreaded "low battery" message on my phone from using it as my camera, uploading too many family pictures to Instagram, & checking the MyDisneyExperience app.  So what to do?  Rather than bring a separate camera, I've started bring a charged battery pack to make sure I never miss that perfect photo op.  I tend to bring a wall-outlet charger in my travel bag so I can juice up in case I'm in dire straights, but the extra battery pack is almost a must these days.  Here are a few spots you can plug in that are relatively convenient & easy to access around WDW.


1) A room in between the Hall of Presidents & the Sleepy Hollow stand:  there are 6-7 tables in the AC with windows where you can catch a very obstructed view of the afternoon parade.  There are a handful of outlets, so it's a great place to stop with an afternoon snack to rest & charge up.  

2) Space Mountain gift shop: near the arcade there is a line of outlets.

3) Yellow Tent in Storybook Circus (behind Dumbo/Barnstormer): there are benches nearby for while you wait (USB & wall outlets)

4) Rapunzel Bathrooms Area:  this is the only official charging station.  There are fake tree stumps that each have 6 outlets so make sure you share with your neighbors!  there are plenty of benches/ledges to rest on while you wait!  (USB & wall outlets)

5) Columbia Harbor House: by far the most outlets I've found at any quick service location on property.  Charge at your table while you eat!  Disclaimer: the busier the restaurant is, the harder it may be to find an outlet nearby an open table, so time you lunchtime early or late!


6) Tomorrowland outside the restrooms: there's a low wall to sit on while you wait. I don't particularly love hanging outside restrooms, but in a pinch we do what we have to do.


1) The Land Pavilion:  not exactly convineneit, but there are a few outlets ouside the Sunshine Seasons restaurant.  No place to sit, but could grab a quick charge while others use a Fastpass or take a bathroom break.

2) Norway & Morocco: best chance to find an outlet in World Showcase is in these two countries, but keep in mind they are all outdoor charging


*With all the current construction going on at HS, the locations I knew of are now long gone.  If you find a good spot fill me in!  I'm sure there are places to plug in, but they won't be obvious.


1) Pizzafari: there are a few outlets in the dining rooms


1) D-Luxe burger - this quick-service location just opened in May 2016 and has an are for charging at the bar seating locations.  As with most restaurants, if you know you want to charge here plan to eat early or late in order to find a spot (aka 11am or 2pm).


Another option is that you can take your phone & charger to guest relations & pick up it later once its fully charged but thats not convenient at all. Keep in mind you have to provide your own charging cord, and guest relations is usually at the front of each park, and even if I'm wearing a FitBit I don't want to waste time traversing the park. 

It ought to be obvious, but please don't unplug something to charge your phone or force open outlet covers.  You really don't want to be banned from Disney property for shutting down Expedition Everest by mistake!  Another option is if you are using the child care center (which is AMAZING if you have little ones or run out of diapers), there are outlets you can use there but please don't be creepy and sit in the nursing room sans a kid to charge your phone!

I'll plan to update this post after each trip - if you have a favorite spot you're willing to share I'd love to know!