Best of 2015: A Year in Review

Hard as it is to believe, another year has flown by.  I spent the morning looking through pictures on my phone with the little one of her this time last year.  Where did my baby go?  That alone was enough to convince that time really never will slow down.

I've spent today writing some personal & writing/creative goals for 2016 & I figured what better way to wrap up 2015 on the blog than by looking back at the highlights of the year.  Buckle up - this will be a whirlwind!

Favorite Music: Maybe it's because we saw them live last night, but needtobreathe's live album, Live from The Woods, was on replay for a few months this summer.  I usually avoid live albums because there's too much talking or the quality isn't the greatest.  But this is perfection.  Even the baby girl dances around to this one.

Favorite Vacation Memory:  Our Alaskan Cruise on Disney Cruise Line.  There's no way I can pick one single moment from that trip of a lifetime, but I'm so glad we shared the experience with my parents & extended family.  And yes, we took a 6 month old, and no - I'm not crazy.  We met characters on sea days on the boat, had a bear run out in front of us while we hiked to a glacier, saw whales, ate amazing seafood, took a train through the Yukon territory, thought we were going to die on a swinging bridge, saw icebergs.  And that's not the half of it.  I would totally do the same trip again - Alaska should definitely be on your must see list!

Favorite DIY Project: This one really was done by Andy - he built an extra-large sofa table for my parents to use to display their Christmas village.  I loved it so much because it was high enough to keep the kiddos hands away from breaking them, but created a perfect scene for the houses and the train.  The kids ATE. IT. UP.  That right there sealed the deal on topping any DIY I did around the house this year.

Favorite Life Lesson:  Focusing on perfection is lame.  It's not right and it keeps me at least, from pursuing and growing.  You can catch my summary on giving myself grace here if that sounds like you too.

Favorite New Podcast: The Popcast podcast is my new favorite.  Knox & Jamie chat pop culture, tv, movies, whatever.  It's clean and the perfect lighthearted listen.   I picked up some new urban slang recently from an episode before Christmas - 'he/she pours the milk first'.  Maybe I'm the only one who isn't hip enough to keep up with the young people slang, but this one cracks me up & I'm using it all the time now.  Basically it means you can't trust that person - because who on earth would put milk in their cereal bowl before their cereal.  Only a crazy person certainly.  Try saying it - you'll love it. 

Favorite Read:  The Best Yes by Lisa Terkeurst.  Technically I haven't completely finished this yet, but it's so insightful, and really helped me think through the fact that I don't need to justify to anyone when I say 'no'.  I've always struggled with apologized for things out of my control - but no more.  Well, at least I'm working on it!

Favorite Blog Post: On Your First Birthday from back in July was my favorite post of the year.  Sure I love my DIY and review posts.  And everything in me loved exploring Etsy for my second year writing a Best of series.  Something about writing from the heart to my little one something she may read in 10 years and get a glimpse of the years she won't remember, well.....I'm crying just thinking about it.

Favorite Food; We tried a recipe for Marscapone peas from the Southern Living: A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen cookbook.  It sounded so weird, but seriously they are so amazing. The perfect side for most any dish.

What better way to end than with food, right?  Happy New Year my friends - may you take a few moments to look back on your victories & even your hard times in 2015 & let them all spur you on into 2016.  And as my bosom friend Anne Shirley would tell you (well technically Ms Stacey) - each new day is fresh, with no mistakes in it!

*The some of the links included are affiliates, but they are there to help you find my favorite things from 2015.