Thank You Judy G

Apparently Starbucks had a social media promotion where if you came in and gave some code, they would start selling pumpkin spice lattes early to the masses. Except did anyone on the planet hear about this? Judy G did...and stopped in at my favorite store which meant a PSL for me almost a week early! But isn't the point of social media marketing to actually get your message out? I mean - I follow them on twitter (I'm @thehomemadefig), am on FB and Instagram daily, and read the news. But any clue about this? Nope. But maybe I've been under a rock and didn't realize it.

There are things to be thankful for every day...and today. It's Judy.

I'm going to be taking a weeklong break from the blog before I gear up and start a stream of fall crafts and travel posts.

Here's to hoping the leaves start turning this week ....bring on Fall!