The DVD Collection Is Overtaking The World

If you ask me if I like a movie there are only three options. 1) Bad 2) Just okay 3) I'm buying a copy the day it's released

I had (emphasis on had ... thanks to budgeting!) a problem.  My college and pre-married years were full of wasteful trips to Target where I acquired an unfathomable number of movies.  And I love them all.  But in this massive collection, I could never find the one I wanted to watch.  Good thing I'm organized enough not to buy the same movie twice (or three times.  Oh yes.  That happened.  More than once).  And you won't be surprised when you see how I was storing them.


Check out that disaster.  I even did a terrible paint job on that dresser - is that not the worst color brown possible?  See, I'm not perfect.  Each of those drawers was completely full.

After years of trying to figure out a better storage solution I have victory over the movie collection!  I am woman - hear me roar!  Enough of the dramatics.  Step one was purging anything I knew I wouldn't watch again.  Overall, the hardest part was deciding that I was able to part with the cases.  Why I felt like I needed them, I still don't know.  Because three months later I haven't missed them.  I did choose to save a few DVD and Blu-Ray cases for when people borrow movies - just in case.

I based my collection from this post on i heart organizing.  The movie sleeves are quite the investment, but I read a ton of reviews and they seemed to hold up well based on everything I could find on Amazon and Target reviews (I bought mine from Amazon).


There is an outer case that holds the cover/inserts and the second sleeve.  The smaller second sleeve holds two discs.  Since most now come with DVD + BluRay, or a Digital Copy disc, it's perfect.  You could certainly combine sequels together to cut down on costs.  Some of the inserts fit pretty snuggly in the outer envelope - but I just made a crease down the middle of the spine and slid them in.


It took a few nights of repackaging before I started to feel free.   At it's worst - the project took the living room hostage.

IMG_0980 Two.  Let me repeat.  TWO garbage bags later I had filled all the sleeves.   The amount of space it saves is incredible, plus with the envelopes being clear I can quickly realize I never bothered to put the discs back.  Good thing I'm not lazy.  I took all the cases to Goodwill, so hopefully some home movie maker had the score of a lifetime.

I hope this picture is all the evidence you need to take control of your movie situation. You are the parent, it is the child.  Or something like that.


I had stored that dresser in the guest room/craft room, so we never watched movies at night because they were out of sight, out of mind.  So I wanted to make their home in the living room - but not actually have to look at them.  Beauty and function is totally possible.

After checking out Pier1, Target, and AC Moore, I found the perfect sized wicker baskets at Michael's.  Fifty percent off coupons and a husband with me to do a second transaction saved me money and an extra trip for the sake of saving a bit of money.  I took a larger outside case with me to the store to be sure they would fit both width & height wise.  I knew I had too many movies to fit in one basket, plus I wanted room to grow - hence two baskets.

I wanted a little extra height in the basket to be sure there was room for the dividers to show over the top.  I wanted to use the large index cards, but they weren't tall enough for my taste.  The hubs had some plain cardstock he used as notecards, so I cut about an inch off the top to be sure that they peeked out just enough over the top of the sleeves.  I chose to alphabetize my collection, so I made A - Z (& numbers) tabs with my handy labeler.  Side note - invest in one.  It's probably the best $15 I've ever spent.


And there you have it.  Now I have two matching baskets on the shelf of my sofa table in arms reach.  And guests are none the wiser that my overflowing mound of movies have taken over residence in the living room.


Happy organizing!