The Homemade Fig - Best of Etsy 2015

Well the last day & post of this years #write31days challenge & Best of Etsy 2015 series is finally here!  I'm a bit sad & overjoyed all at once - let's just say it was a long workday, the baby girl has croup, and no one is sleeping.  So yes, I'll be beyond happy not to have to write all weekend!  I have loved virtually shopping with you, but I'm boiling over with other things I want to share & write about that didn't fit this series - so bring on November!  Something about getting back into a regular writing routine & attending Allume again has me inspired......& that's an all around good thing!

Today I'm sharing a little side project I've been dreaming about and working on bit by bit behind the scenes for a while.  Yep, The Homemade Fig now has an Etsy shop.   If I can't promote myself on my own blog, then what kind of writer would I be? So be sure you check it out by clicking here.

I love to create.  I love to cross-stitch.  But I've come to realize more and more how much all forms of embroidery are slowly becoming dying arts.  I grew up watching my grandma embroider & my mom taught me to cross-stitch.  So many people of our generation weren't exposed like me  which means the chances of two generations from now knowing how to do these things are slim to none.  And slim left town (thanks Dad for the joke....but you're probably not reading this...Mom you should tell him he's famous now). 

I have a passion to provide an easy & beautiful pattern in kit form to allow kiddos (or really any beginner) to learn how to cross-stitch.  No samplers.  No colonial era patterns.  No kitsch.  Just cute, fun, attractive patterns.  P.S. Moms...cross-stitching is a built-in math lesson....counting for days!

In the meantime while I am perfecting my patterns & my dream kits (let's be honest the packaging is half of what attracts us to products, am I right??), I've posted on my Etsy store some of the most recent patterns I've created - and why wouldn't the first one be of a fig?

Next up in the shop is in honor of my little sister's love of Disney's tsum tsum toys (aka this generations Beanie Babies).  We have begun quite the collection with baby girl & I love this tribute to the Fab 5 (well, 6 since poor Daisy usually gets the shaft).

I literally finished up a wall hanging tonight of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.  I decided to go with a chalkboardish style on this one.  I'll be honest, I don't love stitching on black Aida cloth - it makes even my young eyes strain.  The saving grace for that is my portable Ott light!  The best part is that this could be stitched in any color combination you could imagine.  

I made this beauty for my favorite internet age 'pen-pal' - it's her blog header.  A perfectly unique gift for any blogger or writer!  I'll be adding custom listing for blog graphics shortly.

I'd love to know if there's something you would like to see - I'm testing out patterns for custom house portraits, and have a few other secret things up my sleeves!

All of the patterns are instant downloads so you can get started right away, because I know what's it's like to have the creative bug hit - you've gotta start when the feelings right!  

I am so thankful beyond any words for each of you that found the blog during this series - thanks for joining! Stick around for tutorials and DIYs coming down the pipeline before the holidays.  And for my old faithful friends....I love you for continually coming back & reading!  

In case you missed any of the shops in the series, you can go to the series m ain page here and find links to every post.  If that wasn't enough, you can check out the featured shops from the 2014 Etsy series here.

Happy Halloween friends - eat a Reese's cup for me!