There Can Never Be Too Much Mary

Saving Mr Banks Trailer: Saving Mr. Banks on Disney Video

Well, the nanny is out of the bag.  And it's almost like Tom Hanks is actually Walt Disney.  Except when I hear him talking and instantly think of him as Joe Fox.  Of Fox Books.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but will endear it to me more.  A little bit of Nanny McPhee comes to the surface when Emma Thompson speaks - no surprise since the whole premise is a magical nanny.


My memories of childhood are interspersed with various Disney memories.  The black & white introductions to 'The Wonderful World of Disney' by Walt himself.  The park maps on the wall.  Tinkerbell flying all around.  The castle graphic coming up as the weekly movie began.  So maybe I'm sucked in by my Disney indoctrination.  Or maybe its the hidden reference to 'Babes in Toyland' in the trailor that has me absolutely hooked on this movie.  Six months too soon.  Patience is a virtue....patience is a virtue...

WW of Disney

But I think the thing that has me most excited about Saving Mr. Banks, is the moral of the story.  I'm as guilty as the next person of making the take away of Mary Poppins the disrespect of chimney sweeps and the skills required to draw chalk pictures and be a one-man band.  And don't forget the importance of burping - you never know when you will laugh yourself to the ceiling.  Or maybe it's just the bottomless carpetbag.   I'm not sure I've ever really just sat down and thought 'What's the point'?  But tonight I did.  And it's clearly family.  And if you know me, you know family holds a special place in my heart.  Especially the role of father's in the lives of their children.  P.L. Travers made sure that Mr. Banks decided what was most valuable to him - money & his career vs his family.  Flying a kite doesn't seem to me like a fix for how he ignored his kids (& his wife).  But it was a start.  And I think that's the moral of the story.  Not the children's antics.  Not the nanny's magic.  But the change of heart and priorities.  And this movie is going to use a classic story everyone knows to bring to light something that is rampant in our society today.  (Not that it's Disney's intention...I'm sure ironically - its money).  But I think it all comes down to our priorities.  No matter what stage you are in life.  We are constantly faced with lists of things to do, places we want to be, people we want to invest in.  And there will never be enough time for it all.  And by not intentionally setting priorities, we are still ranking who & what is most important to us.  (This is the pot calling the kettle black).  I am as guilty as anyone in this - and I'm thankful I took a few minutes tonight to turn this into a life lesson.  Don't they always come in the most unexpected ways?  Sometimes ya'll, we just need a spoonful of sugar to help us get down the medicine we need.

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