'Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

I feel like I'm being indoctrinated into the official parenting club this week.  AKA I'm staying up late putting together toys from "Santa".  Seriously big man, you could at least have Amazon deliver them in one piece.   

Tonight we went out for dinner since I'd spent all day in the kitchen prepping cookies and snacks for Christmas Eve at our house.  As dinner winded down we had hints that the little one might be close to a meltdown, but we decided we would brave a trip to Barnes and Noble for coffee and a few minutes to "relax" before heading back for present prep round 2. And then, of course, it was a full on fit. Two days before Christmas.  In a busy box store.  Yep - I was that person who got the stares tonight.

But you know what? I needed that caffeine and two minutes outside of my house not looking at all the things left to be done.

Friends - don't let the list of to-dos in the next 48 hours keep your focus from what's the most important.  

Family.  Loved ones. A God who loves us so much that He would send His Son into the world to be "born to raise the sons of men." I'm not going to lie - I used to always turn off the song 'O Holy Night' every time it came on the radio - all I could picture was a lady from church singing it opera style and I just can't get behind that. 

But this week I listened with fresh ears during a drive to work.  He was born to raise us from the dead when He comes again.  Such a lowly birth story for such a mighty God.  

Lets just say my perspective on getting that last batch of cookies made, the presents wrapped early, and having the house spotless doesn't matter.  Especially not if that's where my heart and focus lies.  

Dear friends I hope you have an incredibly amazing Christmas Day!  Next week I'll share a 2015 wrap up, our family theme for 2016, and reveal our IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen makeover! 

But for now I'll leave you with a glimpse of today's third annual family Christmas Caroling emoji style! 

Merry Christmas!