woodworksRD - 31 Days of Etsy

There has to be someone in your family you despise shopping for.  They have everything.  Or are picky.  But almost undoubtedly it's a man - am I right or am I right?

Enter woodworksRD.  This shop custom makes phone stands, business card holders, and more out of bamboo and other eye-catching wood.  The perfect gift for the dude who has everything.  

Photo used with permission from woodworksRD

Sure you could just toss your premium business cards into that cheap black plastic holder.  But this?  This is super modern way to present your cards that will surely catch anyones attention.  And what's the point of having business cards if people don't look at them.  Duh.

Photo used with permission from woodworksRD

I think my favorite piece in the shop right now is this charging station.  I can actually see myself keeping my iPad docked there.  And then it would actually get charged.  It's amazing how a battery seems to be required for it to function.  Such a new age thought....

Photo used with permission from woodworksRD

First of all, I need whatever app this is that turns your phone screen into an alarm.  Please help a girl out.  I can't tell you how many times in the last few months I've woken up to baby grunts and cries and reached for my phone to check the time only to knock it off the nightstand, watch it bounce off the pac-n-play only to crash into the floor.  And wake up said baby.  Fail.  Now this could be my saving grace...so help a girl out.  But more importantly I love how this stand props up the phone at just the right angle - of course making this app function as the perfect clock.

So head over to woodworksRD and check out all the different sizes and wood types in the shop.  Surely there's something for the techie or man on your Christmas list!

Hopefully you are enjoying the 31 days of Etsy series...stick with me...we have a giveaway coming next week!